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The State Auditor's Office reviews government activities and finances free from outside control and influence.
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The State Auditor’s Office holds state and local government accountable for the use of public resources.
Who audits the Auditor?
Two organizations - the National State Auditors Association (NSAA) and the Washington State Office of Financial Management review our work and hold us to high standards.
If you want to work for a respected organization whose purpose is to ensure that the people's money is spent honestly and efficiently, you should consider a career at the State Auditor's Office.
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  • 2014 Annual Report
    State Auditor Troy Kelley today announced the release of the State Auditor’s 2014 Annual Report. “It is an easy-to-read, concise summary of the work we did and the accomplishments we enjoyed during 2014,” Kelley said, “a snapshot of the year in local and state government audits, performance audits and special investigations such as fraud, state whistleblower and citizen hotline.”
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  • Local Governments: Promoting Transparency & Accountability
    This special report examines annual financial report filing data. We found that more than $2.2 million in local government expenditures were left unaudited due to unfiled reports.
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  • New Freedom Consumer-Directed Services
    This performance audit evaluated the effectiveness and costs of New Freedom, a pilot program serving low-income adults with disabilities and elderly people, and found it produced comparable health outcomes to the state’s COPES program at a similar cost.
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  • Long-Term Care Worker Certification
    Improvements at DSHS and DOH have helped more applicants obtain the home care aide certificate, but our performance audit found more could be done to improve certification completion rates. Our testing suggests that agency monitoring efforts are reasonable.
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  • State IT Security
    This performance audit offers recommendations that can help Washington improve its IT security posture across state agencies.
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  • Progress Report: Local Government Financial Health
    Local governments continue to face a combination of rising costs and constrained revenues that could jeopardize their financial health in the future.
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  • ReportTypeReleased
    Agreed Upon Procedures - Air Operating PermitAttestation Engagements3/26/2015view report
    City of TumwaterFinancial3/26/2015view report
    City of TumwaterAccountability3/26/2015view report
    East Valley School District No 361Financial and Federal3/26/2015view report
    King CountyAccountability3/26/2015view report
    Montesano School District No 66Accountability3/26/2015view report
    Montesano School District No 66Financial and Federal3/26/2015view report
    Ocosta School District No 172Financial and Federal3/26/2015view report
    Olympia School District No 111Accountability3/26/2015view report
    Olympia School District No 111Financial and Federal3/26/2015view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Raymond School District No 116Financial and Federal3/26/2015view report
    Raymond School District No 116Accountability3/26/2015view report
    Seattle CollegesFinancial3/26/2015view report
    Snohomish County Public Hospital District No 1Accountability3/26/2015view report
    Toledo School District No 237Financial and Federal3/26/2015view report
    Washington State UniversityWhistleblower3/26/2015view report
    Yakima Regional Clean Air AgencyAccountability3/26/2015view report
    Benton CountyAccountability3/23/2015view report
    Black Sands Irrigation DistrictSmall Local Government Accountability Audit3/23/2015view report
    Central Puget Sound Economic Development DistrictFinancial and Federal3/23/2015view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Central Valley School District No 356Financial and Federal3/23/2015view report
    Central Valley School District No 356Accountability3/23/2015view report
    Chelan County Water Conservancy BoardSmall Local Government Accountability Audit3/23/2015view report
    City of ArlingtonAccountability3/23/2015view report
    Compliance with the Energy Independence Act (I937)Attestation Engagements3/23/2015view report
    East County Park and Recreation DistrictAccountability3/23/2015view report
    Everett Housing AuthorityFinancial and Federal3/23/2015view report
    Grant County Public Hospital District No 7Small Local Government Accountability Audit3/23/2015view report
    Grays Harbor CollegeAccountability3/23/2015view report
    Greater Columbia Behavioral Health Regional Support NetworkAccountability3/23/2015view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Greater Columbia Behavioral Health Regional Support NetworkFinancial and Federal3/23/2015view report
    Lynden School District No 504Financial and Federal3/23/2015view report
    Mabton School District No 120Financial and Federal3/23/2015view report
    Mint Commission, Washington StateAccountability3/23/2015view report
    Puget Sound Regional CouncilFinancial and Federal3/23/2015view report
    Ritzville Library District No 2Small Local Government Accountability Audit3/23/2015view report
    Skagit County Sewer District No 1Small Local Government Accountability Audit3/23/2015view report
    Spokane Housing AuthorityFinancial and Federal3/23/2015view report
    Spokane Housing AuthorityAccountability3/23/2015view report
    Timberland Regional LibraryFinancial3/23/2015view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Timberland Regional LibraryAccountability3/23/2015view report
    Travel AuditAccountability3/23/2015view report

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  • Special
    Audit Of The University Of Washington Higher Education Dedicated Local Funds And Operating Fee Accounts
  • Accountability
    Chelan County
  • Accountability
    City of Yakima
  • Accountability
    City of Gold Bar
  • Fraud
    City of Rock Island
  • Whistleblower
    Department of Early Learning
  • Financial
    City of Milton
  • Financial
    City of Tenino
  • Financial and Federal
    Chehalis School District No 302
    Financial and Federal
  • Accountability
    City of Granger