Auditor McCarthy- 2017 in review
State Auditor Pat McCarthy sat down with TVW's Austin Jenkins recently to discuss her first year in Office.  She is particularly proud that the Office of the Washington State Auditor serves as the public's window into government.  To watch the full interview, visit our Digital Audit Connection.
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  • Reducing Costs Through Faster Medicaid Income Verifications
    This performance audit examined how the Health Care Authority can more quickly verify the incomes of Apple Health clients in order to reduce spending on benefits for people who do not qualify to receive them.
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  • Ensuring transparent pricing, customer-focused IT services at WaTech
    A new performance audit examined state agency concerns about WaTech’s IT services.
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  • Determining Costs per Student for Washington's Medical Schools
    At the Legislature’s direction, we examined the costs of educating a medical student at the University of Washington and Washington State University medical schools.
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  • Correctional Industries: Planning, pricing and market share
    A new performance audit found this Department of Corrections program could use leading practices to more effectively maintain and expand its industries.
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  • State of Washington Single Audit
    The single audit examines how well state agencies meet requirements that come with federal money. This year, it examined more than $11.6 billion in federal dollars.
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  • Workforce Development: Identifying CTE Student Outcomes
    This performance audit found data about students in career and technical education can help identify their postsecondary outcomes.
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  • ReportTypeReleased
    Central Kitsap Fire and RescueAccountability12/7/2017view report
    Central Kitsap Fire and RescueFinancial12/7/2017view report
    City of Des MoinesAccountability12/7/2017view report
    City of SequimFinancial12/7/2017view report
    City of WashougalAccountability12/7/2017view report
    City of WashougalFinancial12/7/2017view report
    East Wenatchee Water DistrictFinancial12/7/2017view report
    Grays Harbor County Fire Protection District No 14Assessment Audit12/7/2017view report
    Grays Harbor County Fire Protection District No 3Assessment Audit12/7/2017view report
    King County Drainage District No 13Assessment Audit12/7/2017view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Odessa Public Development AuthorityAccountability12/7/2017view report
    Pierce County Drainage District No 19Assessment Audit12/7/2017view report
    Port of South Whidbey IslandAccountability12/7/2017view report
    Skagit County Public Hospital District No 304Accountability12/7/2017view report
    Skagit Hospice Services, LLC.Accountability12/7/2017view report
    South Whidbey Parks and Recreation DistrictAccountability12/7/2017view report
    Spokane County Fire Protection District No 4Accountability12/7/2017view report
    Spokane County Fire Protection District No 4Financial12/7/2017view report
    Spokane County Fire Protection District No. 1Financial12/7/2017view report
    Spokane County Fire Protection District No. 1Accountability12/7/2017view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Sunnyside Housing AuthorityCPA12/7/2017view report
    Town of LamontAssessment Audit12/7/2017view report
    Washington State Public Stadium AuthorityAccountability12/7/2017view report
    Washington State Public Stadium AuthorityFinancial12/7/2017view report
    Whidbey Island Public Hospital DistrictAccountability12/7/2017view report
    Whitman County Cemetery District No 8Assessment Audit12/7/2017view report
    William Shore Memorial Pool DistrictAccountability12/7/2017view report
    Burien Transportation Benefit District No 1Assessment Audit12/4/2017view report
    City of BurienAccountability12/4/2017view report
    City of Electric CityFinancial12/4/2017view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    City of Electric CityAccountability12/4/2017view report
    City of Walla WallaAccountability12/4/2017view report
    East Wenatchee Water DistrictAccountability12/4/2017view report
    Edmonds Public Facility DistrictAccountability12/4/2017view report
    Edmonds Public Facility DistrictFinancial12/4/2017view report
    Grays Harbor Transportation AuthorityAccountability12/4/2017view report
    Joint City of Republic-Ferry County Housing AuthorityAccountability12/4/2017view report
    Labor and Industries, Department ofWhistleblower12/4/2017view report
    Mid-Columbia LibraryAccountability12/4/2017view report
    Mid-Columbia LibraryFinancial12/4/2017view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    SNOPACFinancial12/4/2017view report
    Spokane County Noxious Weed Control BoardAccountability12/4/2017view report
    Union Gap Irrigation DistrictAssessment Audit12/4/2017view report
    Walla Walla County Noxious Weed BoardAssessment Audit12/4/2017view report
    Washington Counties Insurance FundFinancial12/4/2017view report
    Washington Counties Insurance FundAccountability12/4/2017view report
    Washington State Department of CommerceAccountability12/4/2017view report

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    City of Spokane
    Financial and Federal
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    Town of Springdale
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    Washington State Apple Commission
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    Social and Health Services, Department of
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    City of Enumclaw
    Financial and Federal
  • Accountability
    Social and Health Services, Department of
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    City of Monroe
    Financial and Federal
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    City of Olympia
    Financial and Federal
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    City of Port Orchard
    Financial and Federal
  • Accountability
    Ridgefield School District No 122