Barriers to home care aide certification
A new performance audit examined barriers that may prevent home care aide applicants from completing training and certification.  Our survey found that of those who dropped out to barriers, many encountered problems in the training and exam phases; those with limited English proficiency faced additional barriers.  The departments of Health and Social & Health Services have already taken steps to address these barriers.  You can read the report and watch the video here..
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  • Barriers to Home Care Aide Certification
    A new performance audit found some applicants encounter barriers in the training and exam phases and drop out; those with limited English proficiency faced further barriers.
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  • Medical Discipline in Washington
    Performance audit recommends merging boards regulating medical and osteopathic doctors to ensure consistent treatment of complaints.
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  • Economical and Efficient Printing
    This follow-up performance audit considered progress made in reducing printing costs statewide. More could be done, especially in print management strategies.
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  • Effects of Public Records Requests on Governments
    This performance audit found policy issues that the Legislature could address and practices that can help governments manage and respond to public records requests.
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  • State Patrol Radio Narrowbanding Project
    This performance audit examined the Patrol's recent radio system project and made recommendations to help improve future project management.
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  • I-1163 Certification (2016)
    This performance audit found state agencies have improved many aspects of certifying new care workers and more people are applying, but certification rates have not risen.
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    Barriers to Home Care Aide CertificationPerformance11/28/2016view report
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    City of ConnellFinancial11/28/2016view report
    City of MattawaAccountability11/28/2016view report
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    Lynden Watershed DistrictAssessment Audit11/28/2016view report
    North Bend Transportation Benefit District No 1Accountability11/28/2016view report
    Okanogan County Fire Protection District No 2Assessment Audit11/28/2016view report
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    Pacific Hospital Preservation and Development AuthorityAccountability11/28/2016view report
    Seattle Housing AuthorityAccountability11/28/2016view report
    Skagit County Drainage District No 25Assessment Audit11/28/2016view report
    Soos Creek Water and Sewer DistrictFinancial11/28/2016view report
    Whatcom County Cemetery District No 10Assessment Audit11/28/2016view report
    Whatcom County Cemetery District No 8Assessment Audit11/28/2016view report
    Whidbey Island Conservation DistrictAccountability11/28/2016view report
    Whitman CountyFinancial and Federal11/28/2016view report
    Whitman CountyFinancial11/28/2016view report
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