2016 Love of Cities Tour
As a partner in the Government Performance Consortium (GPC) initiative, we want to share a new mini-documentary video about the Love of Cities Tour in Washington State, which has sparked tremendous excitement across our state for new ways to connect cities and residents in co-creating more vibrant, healthy and resilient communities.  We hope that this video provides you with some inspiration on how to improve your own local government internally and externally.  You can read more about For the Love of Cities here, as well as watch the video.
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  • Effects of Public Records Requests on Governments
    This performance audit found policy issues that the Legislature could address and practices that can help governments manage and respond to public records requests.
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  • State Patrol Radio Narrowbanding Project
    This performance audit examined the Patrol's recent radio system project and made recommendations to help improve future project management.
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  • I-1163 Certification (2016)
    This performance audit found state agencies have improved many aspects of certifying new care workers and more people are applying, but certification rates have not risen.
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  • Health Benefit Exchange
    A new performance audit found that while the Exchange's costs are reasonable, correcting reimbursements for Medicaid services and establishing cash reserves will ensure future sustainability.
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  • Statewide Single Audit Report
    The Auditor's Office report on how state agencies have managed the federal grants they received in fiscal year 2015 has now been released.
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  • Administrative Appeals
    This performance audit found the selected hearing processes work as intended, but the state could clarify matters around communication with judges and informal guidance to make them appear even more impartial.
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  • ReportTypeReleased
    Aberdeen Transportation Benefit DistrictAccountability9/26/2016view report
    Chelan County Port District No 1Accountability9/26/2016view report
    City of AberdeenAccountability9/26/2016view report
    City of AberdeenFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    City of BellevueFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    City of BellevueAccountability9/26/2016view report
    City of EllensburgFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    City of EverettFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    City of EverettAccountability9/26/2016view report
    City of GrangerFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    City of Spokane ValleyFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    City of StevensonFinancial9/26/2016view report
    City of StevensonAccountability9/26/2016view report
    City of Union GapAccountability9/26/2016view report
    City of Union GapFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    City of YakimaSpecial9/26/2016view report
    City of YakimaFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    Downtown Pasco Development AuthorityAccountability9/26/2016view report
    Downtown Pasco Development AuthorityFraud9/26/2016view report
    Edmonds Public Facility DistrictFinancial9/26/2016view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Edmonds Public Facility DistrictAccountability9/26/2016view report
    Ferry CountyFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    Ferry CountyAccountability9/26/2016view report
    Grays Harbor County Cemetery District No 1Assessment Audit9/26/2016view report
    Grays Harbor County Public Utility District No 1Accountability9/26/2016view report
    Grays Harbor County Public Utility District No 1Financial9/26/2016view report
    Jefferson CountyFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    Jefferson County Water District No 2Assessment Audit9/26/2016view report
    King County Airport District No 1Assessment Audit9/26/2016view report
    Klickitat County Public Utility District No 1Financial and Federal9/26/2016view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer DistrictAccountability9/26/2016view report
    Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer DistrictFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    Lincoln County Fire Protection District No 8Assessment Audit9/26/2016view report
    Olympic Area Agency on AgingFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    Olympic Area Agency on AgingAccountability9/26/2016view report
    Pangborn Memorial AirportAccountability9/26/2016view report
    Pangborn Memorial AirportFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    Pend Oreille CountyAccountability9/26/2016view report
    Pend Oreille CountyFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    Port of EdmondsAccountability9/26/2016view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Port of EdmondsFinancial9/26/2016view report
    Port of GrapeviewAssessment Audit9/26/2016view report
    Sacheen Lake Water and Sewer DistrictFederal Program9/26/2016view report
    Sacheen Lake Water and Sewer DistrictAssessment Audit9/26/2016view report
    Silver Lake Water and Sewer DistrictFinancial9/26/2016view report
    Spokane CountyAttestation Engagements9/26/2016view report
    Spokane CountyFinancial and Federal9/26/2016view report
    Spokane County Fire Protection District No 5Assessment Audit9/26/2016view report
    Three Rivers Regional Wastewater AuthorityAccountability9/26/2016view report

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  • Fraud
    City of Bothell
  • Fraud
    Social and Health Services, Department of
  • Accountability
    Fish and Wildlife, Department of
  • Whistleblower
    Labor and Industries, Department of
  • Fraud
    City of Sunnyside
  • Accountability
    Town of Elmer City
  • Financial and Federal
    Clark County
    Financial and Federal
  • Accountability
    Granger School District No 204
  • Financial and Federal
    City of Bellingham
    Financial and Federal
  • Fraud
    Social and Health Services, Department of