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Troy Kelley
The State Auditor's Office reviews government activities and finances free from outside control and influence.
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The State Auditor’s Office holds state and local government accountable for the use of public resources.
Who audits the Auditor?
Two organizations - the National State Auditors Association and the National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers - review our work and hold us to high standards. We passed our 2013 review with flying colors.
If you want to work for a respected organization whose purpose is to ensure that the people's money is spent honestly and efficiently, you should consider a career at the State Auditor's Office.
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Find your regional audit office, our main office in Olympia, or the staff member assigned to your audit.
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  • Performance Measures in Economic Development Programs
    Assessing the impact of economic development programs is difficult because many factors influence business decisions to expand or relocate. We offer suggestions to improve performance measurement systems for such programs.
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  • Progress Report: Local Government Financial Health
    Local governments continue to face a combination of rising costs and constrained revenues that could jeopardize their financial health in the future.
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  • Safe Data Disposal
    We found some state computers sent for surplus or sale contained confidential data that should have been removed.
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  • Medicaid Managed Care Program Oversight
    Improved controls could prevent overpayments and unnecessary cost increases in Medicaid Managed Care, our performance audit found.
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  • Alternative Learning Experience Programs
    Our recent accountability audit questioned more than $1.5 million in school district spending for ALE programs in 2011-2013.
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  • Post-Adoption Services
    This audit surveyed families who adopted children from foster care and analyzed programs in other states to identify how Washington could improve its services.
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  • ReportTypeReleased
    Anacortes Housing AuthorityAccountability11/24/2014view report
    Anacortes Housing AuthorityFinancial11/24/2014view report
    Ben Franklin TransitAccountability11/24/2014view report
    Benton County Fire Protection District No 4Accountability11/24/2014view report
    Burbank Water District No 4Small Local Government Accountability Audit11/24/2014view report
    City of GoldendaleAccountability11/24/2014view report
    City of GoldendaleFinancial11/24/2014view report
    City of KennewickAccountability11/24/2014view report
    Early Learning Public Libraries PartnershipSmall Local Government Accountability Audit11/24/2014view report
    Grays Harbor County Drainage District No 6Small Local Government Accountability Audit11/24/2014view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    King County Fire Protection District No 34Accountability11/24/2014view report
    King County Fire Protection District No 34Financial11/24/2014view report
    Lewis County Cemetery District No 9Small Local Government Accountability Audit11/24/2014view report
    Lewis County Cemetery District No 9Small Local Government Accountability Audit11/24/2014view report
    Pend Oreille County Fire Protection District No 3Accountability11/24/2014view report
    Port of Pend OreilleAccountability11/24/2014view report
    Port of Pend OreilleFinancial11/24/2014view report
    Port of South Whidbey IslandAccountability11/24/2014view report
    Port of Woodland,Accountability11/24/2014view report
    Seattle Housing AuthorityAccountability11/24/2014view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Seattle Housing AuthorityFraud11/24/2014view report
    Town of WilkesonAccountability11/24/2014view report
    Washington State Convention Center Public Facilities DistrictAccountability11/24/2014view report
    Whatcom Conservation DistrictAccountability11/24/2014view report
    Willapa Valley Water DistrictAccountability11/24/2014view report

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