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Our Local Government Performance Center maintains a database with over 200 resources for local governments to use on topics from social media to performance management, from logic modeling to staffing analysis.  The database also contains case studies on local governments who have made changes for the better using the Local Government Performance Center's tools and resources.  The database can be accessed here.
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The current version of the BARS Manual is available on our website.
Local Government Performance Center
The Local Government Performance Center helps local governments solve problems, reduce costs and improve the value of their services to citizens by offering resources such as training, tools, technical assistance and an online Resource Center. 
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  • State Patrol Radio Narrowbanding Project
    This performance audit examined the Patrol's recent radio system project and made recommendations to help improve future project management.
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  • I-1163 Certification (2016)
    This performance audit found state agencies have improved many aspects of certifying new care workers and more people are applying, but certification rates have not risen.
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  • Health Benefit Exchange
    A new performance audit found that while the Exchange's costs are reasonable, correcting reimbursements for Medicaid services and establishing cash reserves will ensure future sustainability.
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  • Statewide Single Audit Report
    The Auditor's Office report on how state agencies have managed the federal grants they received in fiscal year 2015 has now been released.
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  • Administrative Appeals
    This performance audit found the selected hearing processes work as intended, but the state could clarify matters around communication with judges and informal guidance to make them appear even more impartial.
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  • WSDOT Toll Collection System
    This performance audit found WSDOT's toll collection system lacks key functions, while our recommendations also address IT and managerial issues.
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  • ReportTypeReleased
    Camano Vista Water DistrictAssessment Audit8/22/2016view report
    Chelan CountyFinancial and Federal8/22/2016view report
    Chelan CountyAccountability8/22/2016view report
    City of BothellFraud8/22/2016view report
    City of BothellAccountability8/22/2016view report
    City of BothellFinancial and Federal8/22/2016view report
    City of SeattleAttestation Engagements8/22/2016view report
    Franklin County Fire Protection District No 4Assessment Audit8/22/2016view report
    Jefferson County Public Utility District No 1Accountability8/22/2016view report
    Jefferson County Public Utility District No 1Financial and Federal8/22/2016view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Jefferson County Public Utility District No 1Financial8/22/2016view report
    Jefferson County Public Utility District No 1Financial8/22/2016view report
    Jefferson County Public Utility District No 1Financial and Federal8/22/2016view report
    Kennewick School District No. 17 Alternative Learning ExperienceSpecial8/22/2016view report
    Kittitas School District No 403Financial8/22/2016view report
    Kittitas School District No 403Accountability8/22/2016view report
    Lagoon Point Water DistrictAssessment Audit8/22/2016view report
    Lewis County Cemetery District No 2Assessment Audit8/22/2016view report
    Scatchet Head Water DistrictAssessment Audit8/22/2016view report
    Skagit County Dike and Drain District No 12Financial8/22/2016view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Southwest Washington Agency on Aging and DisabilitiesAccountability8/22/2016view report
    Southwest Washington Agency on Aging and DisabilitiesFinancial and Federal8/22/2016view report
    Valley Communications CenterAttestation Engagements8/22/2016view report

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  • Accountability
    City of Soap Lake
  • Whistleblower
    Washington State University
  • Financial and Federal
    Seattle School District No 1
    Financial and Federal
  • Fraud
    Social and Health Services, Department of
  • Accountability
    Fish and Wildlife, Department of
  • Whistleblower
    Social and Health Services, Department of
  • Whistleblower
    Eastern Washington State Historical Society
  • Accountability
    Town of Elmer City
  • Financial
    City of Mukilteo
  • Accountability
    Granger School District No 204