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  • ALE in Washington
    A new performance audit describes higher- performing ALE programs through the eyes of administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students. However, data quality problems may affect future phases of this audit.
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  • Accountability Report of First Place Scholars Charter School
    Key policies and procedures regarding finances and lines of responsibility should be established to improve accountability at Washington’s first charter school, this accountability audit found.
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  • Workforce Development Systems
    This audit mapped a complex network of 55 programs, managed by 12 state agencies and multiple service providers, at a cost of more than $1 billion a year in federal and state funds. We also identified areas of risk for further analysis, related to coordination among programs and variations in local service delivery.
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  • Regulatory Reform: Enhancing Regulatory Agency Coordination
    The state would benefit from a more strategic approach to coordinating agency regulatory approvals, our performance audit found.
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  • Prioritizing Fraud Investigations at the Department of Social and Health Services' Office of Fraud and Accountability
    In our performance audit of the Department of Social and Health Services' Office of Fraud and Accountability, we found they could do more to prioritize investigations & reduce backlog.
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  • Completeness of Washington’s Criminal History Records Database
    This performance audit evaluated whether or not Washington’s criminal history records database is complete, and if not, why not.
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  • ReportTypeReleased
    Asian Pacific American Affairs, Commission onAccountability2/11/2016view report
    City of CarnationAccountability2/11/2016view report
    City of CarnationFinancial2/11/2016view report
    City of Des MoinesAccountability2/11/2016view report
    City of Kittitas Transportation Benefit DistrictAssessment Audit2/11/2016view report
    City of SpokaneFinancial and Federal2/11/2016view report
    City of SpokaneFinancial and Federal2/11/2016view report
    City of Walla WallaAccountability2/11/2016view report
    Clallam County Fire Protection District No 5Assessment Audit2/11/2016view report
    House of RepresentativesAccountability2/11/2016view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    Mossyrock School District No 206Accountability2/11/2016view report
    Mossyrock School District No 206Financial and Federal2/11/2016view report
    Nine Mile Falls School District No 325/179Financial and Federal2/11/2016view report
    Port of GrandviewAccountability2/11/2016view report
    Riverside Fire AuthorityAccountability2/11/2016view report
    Riverside Fire AuthorityFinancial2/11/2016view report
    Spokane CountyAccountability2/11/2016view report
    Walla Walla Transportation Benefit DistrictAccountability2/11/2016view report
    Cape Flattery School District No 401Special2/8/2016view report
    Centralia School District No 401Special2/8/2016view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    City of SpokaneAccountability2/8/2016view report
    Clallam County Public Utility District No 1Accountability2/8/2016view report
    Concrete School District No 11Special2/8/2016view report
    East Valley School District No 361Special2/8/2016view report
    Island County Council of GovernmentsAssessment Audit2/8/2016view report
    Mason County Fire Protection District No 11Accountability2/8/2016view report
    Port of BentonAccountability2/8/2016view report
    Port of BentonFinancial2/8/2016view report
    Silver Lake Water DistrictAccountability2/8/2016view report
    Silver Lake Water DistrictFinancial2/8/2016view report
  • ReportTypeReleased
    South Whidbey Parks and Recreation DistrictAccountability2/8/2016view report
    Tacoma Employees' Retirement SystemFinancial2/8/2016view report

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