Online Training Library

Online Training library

The State Auditor's Office is pleased to offer free, web-based training opportunities to governments through our Training Library. Please select from the following options below to begin a training.

The Lean Charter Document (eLearning runs 15:00): A charter document is a Lean tool required at the start of the State Auditor's Office Lean Academy. It increases the possibility of reaching targeted goals and sustaining long-term improvements. This eLearning describes what the charter document is, why it is important, and the step-by-step instructions to create your own. Read the Sample Agency Charter Document. (pdf) Use an editable charter document template.​ (​Word document)

Fraud: Detection & Deterrence (eLearning runs 40:00): This eLearning for local governments includes a brief overview of the most common types of fraud schemes, their associated red flags, and suggested internal controls.

Fraud: Recognizing and Reporting (eLearning runs 25:00): This training will show local government officials how to be aware of, respond to and report possible fraud.

Overview of State Government Audit Services (eLearning runs 13:00): The State Auditor's Office has prepared a short, web-based presentation that describes our role and responsibility in auditing and investigating state government agencies.

An Overview of Audit Services​ (​eLearning runs 15:00): Provides an introduction to audit procedures for local governments and an overview of our audit services.

Updated- Introduction to the BARS M​anuals​ (eLearning runs 46:00): Covers the basic contents of the Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting System (BARS) manuals and guidelines for navigating the manuals.

Introduction to Lean training (eLearning runs 40:55): ​Learn what "Lean" is, why Lean is good for business and how some of the basic Lean concepts like waste, visual management, value stream maps, and stand-up meetings can improve and transform your organization.

BARS Manual/File Online training: This library contains a comprehensive BARS training, and shorter training videos on frequently asked questions about BARS and filing online. (YouTube)

Open Public Meetings Act/Public Records Act training: This webpage contains links to an eLearning, PowerPoint presentation and more. (eLearning runs 1:02:01)

Training from Washington Finance Officers Association (WFOA)​Available on the WFOA website, this page contains training opportunities on the BARS manual and more.

​​​Are you looking for other resources or training opportunities? Visit our "Training and other resources"​ page for more information on events that the State Auditor's Office may be holding near you.

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