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Audit Connection Newsletter for local and state government organizations


Audit Connection, February 2017 (pdf, 684 kb)
In addition to a message from new State Auditor Pat McCarthy and a farewell to 30-year Office veteran Jan Jutte, this edition includes news about recent phishing attacks on school districts and the upcoming district audit plan, 2016's Love of Washington Cities Tour, updates to the GAAP and Cash Basis BARS manuals, and information on GASB 75 and 68. There are ideas for increasing in-office printing efficiency based on work of a recent performance audit, plus dates for our spring annual report filing workshops.

Audit Connection, Fall 2016 (pdf, 395 kb)
Articles examine the recent public records study, preventing and detecting credit card fraud, a successful Lean Academy at the City of Ridgefield, and GASB 77 Tax Abatement Disclosures. There are resources for cities and counties, and checklists for cash-basis financial statements, plus dates for our fall BARS Roundtables and an update on our workshops at WFOA in Spokane.  

Audit Connection, Spring 2016 (pdf, 294kb)
Articles include a notice about the May 29 financial report filing deadline, changes to the Office's billing format and to our office locations in Eastern Washington, the launch of FIT for GAAP users and a national award for the FIT program, a new resource for GASB requirements, and an important cyber-security alert.

Audit Connection, Winter 2016 (pdf, 545kb)
Articles include new, quicker ways to access our online financial reporting tools, updates on GASB standards that become effective in 2016, the audit focus for schools in fiscal year 2015, and changes in reporting requirements by Moody's Investors Service. Plus: the winter-spring schedule of Small Government Workshops and trainings on How to File Annual Reports.    

Audit Connection, Fall 2015 (pdf, 297kb)
Articles include the Office's upcoming study of trends in public records requests, local government resources available in partnership with the Municipal Research and Services Center, state audits, the new web version of the FIT financial information tool, and news about Auditor's Office teams and personnel.  

Audit Connection, Spring 2015 (pdf, 158kb)
Articles include updates on pension reporting standards, federal grant reform, information technology security and a case study on the City of Lakewood's work to become fiscally fit.

Audit Connection, Fall 2014 (pdf, 171kb)
Articles include an important update to federal procurement requirements, tips on protecting computer network accounts, a Lean training report from Grant County, and news from WFOA. Training highlights include new workshops for the state's smallest special-purpose districts, starting October 1.   

Audit Connection, Summer 2014 (pdf, 255kb)
Articles include tips on using BARS online, local government recognitions, upcoming audit focus areas, safe data disposal and cyber-security, GASB pension standards news, and a report on recent Small Water Systems workshops.

Audit Connection, March 2014 (pdf, 597kb)
Articles include the Auditor's Office opinion on the state's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the redesigned website, a year under State Auditor Troy Kelley's leadership, and new training for small local governments.

Audit Connection, Summer 2013 (pdf, 815kb)
Articles include Emerging Issues: Cyber Security, Potential for Municipal Bond Downgrades, Making Governments Work Better and Cost Less, Lodging Tax Revenues, Staff Changes, and a review of two performance audits on background checks and the state's financial management system.

Audit Connection, Winter 2013 (pdf, 397kb)
Articles include Welcome Troy Kelley, Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) Audit Results, local government guidance on financial transaction document retention, and a review of two special reports on local government issues. 

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