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Leadership at SAO

The Washington State Auditor’s Office (SAO) carries pride in its leadership team. Leadership at SAO is responsible for informing, educating, and empowering our employees by communicating the Office’s mission: Increasing trust in government. 

Pat McCarthy – State Auditor
Office: 564-999-0801

Keri Rooney – Deputy State Auditor
Office: 564-999-0802

Rick Talbert – Deputy State Auditor
Office: 564-999-0803

Kelly Collins – Director of Local Audit
Office: 564-999-0807

Scott Frank – Director of Performance and IT Audit
Office: 564-999-0809

Sadie Armijo – Director of State Audit and Special Investigations
Office: 564-999-0808

Scott Woelfle – Director of Quality Assurance
Office: 564-999-0814

Janel Roper – Director of Administrative Services
Office: 564-999-0820

Kathleen Cooper – Director of Communications
Office: 564-999-0800

Scott Nelson – Director of Legislative and Policy Affairs
Office: 564-999-0804

Al Rose – Director of Legal Affairs
Office: 564-999-0805