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How to Use MyBARS

Anyone who visits the site can see the online BARS manuals. However, you can only use the MyBARS service if you are logged in. 

Logging in to MyBARS

  1. Go to the SAW login page
  • At the SAW login page, enter your SAW username and password to login. If you need to create a SAW account, click the “Sign up!” button and follow the prompts. For detailed instructions on how to create a SAW account or login using SAW, see our SAW user guide.
  • On the SAO site, in the main menu, find the “BARS & Annual Filing” tab.
  • In the dropdown choose one of the BARS Manuals. (For the purposes of these instructions, we’ll use the BARS Cash manual.)
Choosing a manual from the BARS manuals dropdown menu
  • You’ll know you’re in MyBARS (instead of ordinary BARS) because it shows your user name and the background is green (It’s pale blue in ordinary BARS.)

Overview of MyBARS

The BARS tabs are structured like the manual itself: Charts of Accounts, Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting. You can get to any BARS manual section by going inside one of the first four tabs. You can also access all sections via the Table of Contents (5th tab.) BARS Alerts and Significant Changes are in the 6thtab.

MyBARS allows you to customize the BARS manuals to your specifications, in two different ways:

  1. You can save sections of the BARS manual into a page called “My Saved Sections.”
  2. You can make notes on paragraphs inside sections, and they get saved into “My Saved Notes.”

Cash and GAAP each have their own Saved Sections and Saved Notes pages.

You can also print out your accumulated saved Sections and saved Notes.

Your saved notes and saved sections are unique to your account. You can add and delete them at will. They are not visible to other users of MyBARS. However, for legal reasons they are part of the public record and have the potential to be accessed via a FOIA request. So don’t type anything rude 😉

To save sections and notes

Find a section of the manual you wish to work on. For this document, we’ll use the Introduction section under Cash manual’s Budgeting tab. 

To save the section to My Cash Saved Sections, click the big blue button near the top right of the page. The page automatically gets saved to My Cash Saved Sections.

To save a note about a paragraph, click on the blue number leading that paragraph, and a window will pop up into which you can type your note, then submit it.

Throughout the manual you will see other blue numbers that are links to other information. These are not the sorts of numbers you can add notes to. You can only add notes to the blue numbers that begin new paragraphs.

My Saved Sections page

To access this page, click on “My [Cash or GAAP] Saved Sections” in the green bar above the tabs.

In this page you will see a list of all the sections you have saved. 

From here you can:

  • click through to the content of each section you have saved.
  • delete saved sections from your list (they will, of course, remain in the manual itself, and can easily be reinstated to your list.)
  • download a PDF of just your saved sections (which is different from downloading the whole BARS manual via the “Download the Manual as a PDF” link next to the Help Desk link near the top.)

My Saved Notes page

To access this page, click on “My [Cash or GAAP] Saved Notes” in the green bar above the tabs.

In this page you will see a list of all the notes you have saved. 

From here you can:

  • edit notes.
  • click through to the paragraphs that notes refer to.
  • delete saved notes (WARNING: notes are deleted permanently and cannot be restored other than by re-typing them.)
  • download a PDF of just your saved notes.

After saving sections and notes

When you revisit a section of the manual that is saved to your Saved Sections, and for which there are Saved Notes, you will see some changes:

  • The big blue button is now a green notice that the section is saved to your list.
  • The note you wrote is now visible in the sidebar.
  • The sidebar displays all notes you made for any paragraphs within this section.
  • If the sidebar menu is long, you may have to scroll to see notes that apply to paragraphs in this section. Use the “Jump to Note” button under the tabs to conveniently jump down there.
  • You can edit a note by clicking on its paragraph number in the main content or in the sidebar.
  • Note that you can remove saved sections and delete saved notes only from within the My Saved Sections and My Saved Notes pages. You cannot remove/delete them from here.
  • To repeat: removed saved sections are easy to restore to your list, because the sections remain in the overall manual. On the other hand, deleting saved notes is permanent, because the system does not store them anywhere other than within your own account.

Need more help? Please contact our Help Desk.