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Thanks for submitting your annual report on time

June 1, 2022

We at SAO extend our thanks to every local government that filed its fiscal year 2021 annual report on time! This year, approximately 88 percent of local governments—2 percent more than last year—met the annual filing deadline, proving once again that compliance, accountability and transparency matter in Washington state.


You’re invited to our spring recruitment events

April 7, 2022

During this spring’s recruitment events, attendees will learn about SAO and the skills it takes to be an auditor at our Office. They will also have the opportunity to network with auditors and recruiters, learn what makes a candidate a great fit for SAO, and get a taste of what we do for #GoodGovernment.


Few ballots rejected, but rejection rates vary by county, gender and race, performance audit finds

February 1, 2022

In the counties reviewed, election officials followed the law in determining whether to reject a ballot. However, the likelihood that a voter’s ballot will be rejected varied greatly by county. And ballots cast by some demographic groups – including younger voters, male voters, and those belonging to certain racial and ethnic groups – have higher rejection rates than others.