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Concept image of payroll. There's a white binder with the word payroll written on it. The binder is surrounded by a mug of coffee, four pencils, a notepad, and pad of sticky notes.

Should you outsource your government’s payroll?

June 1, 2023

Preparing your government’s payroll takes a lot of time and expertise. From collecting employee information, tracking leave, processing timesheets, and calculating pay to processing garnishments, delivering pay checks, submitting tax forms, and preparing year-end reporting, there’s a lot to do.

A folder with the word "vendors" stamped on it. The folder has a padlock secured to it in the top left corner.

Protect your vendor master file from fraudsters

April 6, 2023

Electronic payment fraud is on the rise, and bad actors are using vendor master files to do it. A simple request to change a vendor’s contact information, payment address or banking details can end with thousands or even millions of dollars redirected to fraudulent accounts. This latest blog post from SAO offers tips and strategies for safeguarding your government’s funds.