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How charter and tribal schools fare under public audit

May 7, 2021

Recent audits of tribal schools reflect that the schools keep records to support revenue and expenditures, and that the schools have quickly implemented audit recommendations. Recent audits of charter schools reflect that school personnel are still learning about Washington’s legal requirements.


A first-ever comprehensive look at how Alternative Learning Experience programs work in Washington

April 11, 2018

In 2013, the Legislature asked us to review ALE programs by auditing their finances and measuring student outcomes. Since then, we’ve audited the compliance of every ALE program in the state with more than 10 full-time students. We’ve visited ALE programs in person, interviewed educators and surveyed students and parents. The reports released today meet the intent of the Legislature’s request.


Office identifies audit emphasis areas for school districts

January 11, 2018

School districts have asked the State Auditor’s Office for advance notice of what areas upcoming audits will emphasize. The following list identifies areas auditors might focus on to help districts prepare for audits examining fiscal year 2017. These areas are general in nature, and as always the specific areas audited will be determined by a risk-based analysis. Local audit teams also are available all year to answer technical questions and point to additional guidance on specific audit areas.