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Learn to be Lean

What is Lean?

Lean is a methodology applied to process improvements for all kinds of work–from manufacturing to service industries. Lean for government helps break down complex processes into individual steps. This leads to innovative ways of making existing work more efficient, services more customer-focused and change more empowering for staff. The Center for Government Innovation has Lean experts who specialize in helping local governments in Washington.

We know Lean, we know local government, we can meet you where you are

Each service we provide is designed specifically to meet your government’s needs. The Center understands that time is a precious resource as a public servant. We are here to help you do more with the limited hours you have. Your Lean journey might start with training and facilitation, or maybe you’re ready for more in-depth Lean concepts for high performing organizations. The Center for Government Innovation can help. We have worked with Washington governments for years and take pride in our ability to help you develop unique solutions that mean greater success for your organization.

Success stories

What can you expect after working with the Center for Government Innovation? Here are some of the governments who have been able to change and grow thanks to our specialized assistance.

Cowlitz County: Real Estate Excise Tax and Court Dockets

Improving handoffs and coordination among departments has been a significant benefit of developing a Lean approach to government in Cowlitz County. 

Kittitas County Permitting

Focusing on single-family construction helped this county examine all of their services to issue permits more quickly. 

City of Ridgefield

By taking a deep dive into the utility billing process, the city was able to get more customers onto auto-pay, streamline the monthly shutoff process, and reduce the number of shutoffs during a period when the number of accounts was increasing. 

Neill Public Library in Pullman

Pullman city leadership wanted to instill a culture of process improvement by using the Lean method in city operations. The library, meanwhile, already had started to work on improving customer experience. Library staff weren’t familiar with Lean, though, making the library a natural place for a pilot project.

Walla Walla Treasurer’s Office

This process improvement helped the Walla Walla Treasurer’s Office employees free up staff time for other important tasks, as well as become quick and efficient at their daily work.

Benton-Franklin Health District

The Benton Franklin Health District used Lean to improve its immunization process, which started off as inefficient for customers and staff alike.

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Note: We noticed that all of these videos and the ones currently on the website have some kind of historical artifact: the changing name of the Center, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Our current contact information is found in multiple places. We feel that the core stories about Lean are all still relevant and useful.