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Are you a GAAP government accounting for capital assets? Download SAO’s updated capital asset checklist today

February 10, 2022

Properly accounting for capital assets is complex and requires significant accounting resources. That’s why we’ve redesigned our Checklist for Capital Assets and added questions to help you avoid the common mistakes we see during audits. Whether you’re preparing your year-end financial report filing or evaluating your policy, processes and internal controls, this checklist for GAAP governments can help with your capital asset accounting.


New accounts payable checklist can help you create strong controls

October 13, 2021

We recently released a new accounts payable internal control checklist that you can use to evaluate your existing internal control systems and identify potential areas for improvement. Periodically reevaluating your control systems is a best practice. Your government should consider doing this annually, unless staffing or system changes require a more frequent review.