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Hands at a laptop computer keyboard, with padlock icons, including one that is red and unlocked.

What do hackers want? Anything they can take from your government

October 19, 2022

Keeping information safe and secure isn’t a new challenge for governments, but the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced governments to quickly shift to online or hybrid workplaces, has made the job tougher. If you haven’t had time to update your cybersecurity policies in light of the shift to remote and hybrid work, we offer four steps you can take now to better protect your government against cyberattacks.


What exactly is a data breach?

October 12, 2022

While breaches at large companies often dominate the headlines, cybercriminals are also hacking local and state governments, public and private universities, and school districts. We’ve put together some helpful information on what data breaches are and the steps you should take if you suspect or know you have experienced one.