About Energy Compliance Examinations

What is an energy compliance examination?

Energy compliance examinations evaluate whether certain utilities in Washington are complying with the requirements of the Energy Independence Act and the Clean Energy Transformation Act. These independent examinations inform utilities, the Attorney General, lawmakers, and provide stakeholders and citizens assurance about how utilities are meeting the state's long-term energy independence, clean energy and equity goals.

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Energy Independence Act (EIA) compliance

Approved by Washington voters in 2006, EIA requires electric utilities with more than 25,000 customers to meet renewable energy and conservation targets. The law requires the state's qualifying utilities to obtain up to 15 percent of their electricity from renewable resources each year and to pursue cost-effective energy conservation to meet their biennial targets. We will examine whether 13 qualifying utilities complied with setting and achieving their conservation and renewable energy targets.

Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA) compliance

Enacted in 2019, CETA requires all utilities that distribute electricity to more than one retail customer to transition over time to clean energy resources. Under the law, qualifying utilities must make energy assistance programs available to low-income households and develop plans to reduce their energy burden, calculate their greenhouse gas content, and develop and implement clean energy implementation plans. We will examine whether 39 qualifying utilities complied with these requirements.