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Washington State Auditor Pat McCarthy

State Auditor Pat McCarthy is dedicated to shining a brighter light on government operations for the public. Under her leadership, SAO’s vision and mission is to increase trust in government through independent and transparent audits of state and local governments, and to help these governments develop strategies to become more efficient and effective.

“Government transparency and accountability are more important than ever in these challenging times. The State Auditor’s Office is committed to providing the independent reviews and investigations the public expects.” – Pat McCarthy. Here’s more about State Auditor Pat McCarthy.

Currently Implementing

Requires SAO to conduct a process compliance audit of any completed deadly force investigation to determine whether the involved law enforcement agency, investigative body, and prosecutor's office acted in compliance with specific statutory and administrative rules for conducting deadly force investigations.

Agency Request Bill

Essential to ensure full transparency of state audits of police use of deadly force.

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Legislation of Interest

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  • HB 1267 – Concerning rural public facilities sales and use tax.
  • HB 1436 – Special education funding.
  • HB 1744 – Clarifying the responsibilities and accountability for the effective delivery and oversight of public education services to charter school students.

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    Legislative contact

    Scott Nelson standing in front of the galaxy of state government poster

    Scott Nelson manages legislative, policy and tribal relations for the State Auditor's Office. Scott was raised in Spokane and schooled in Tacoma. His career in government includes being a member of the original staff of Congressman Norman D. Dicks; a stint as a national consultant; then owning his own firm before coming to work for Auditor McCarthy.

    Scott Nelson, Director of Legislative and Policy Affairs scott.nelson@sao.wa.gov

    To request an appointment with Scott Nelson, please contact Raylene Wilson at raylene.wilson@sao.wa.gov.