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Our Office produces a variety of specialized annual reports including rural county sales and use tax reports, unauditable government reports and more. You may scroll down the page to view these, or click on the following menu links to bring you to the appropriate section.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)

The ACFR is a complex document that covers Washington state's financial condition. The annual report, published by the Office of Financial Management (OFM), includes detailed information on the state's structure, services and finances, as well as trends and nonfinancial data.

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State of Washington Single Audit Report (SWSA)

The SWSA, published annually by OFM, documents whether state agencies are meeting the requirements that come with federal money. It is an important audit that covers billions of federal dollars. It's called a “single audit” because a federal law ensures that grant recipients are subject to one, single, audit of all their federal programs instead of separate audits of each program.

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State Auditor's Office annual and special reports

The State Auditor's Office (SAO) produces an annual report to inform the Legislature and the public about our activities.

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Special reports

We also publish periodic reports on specialized aspects of our work.

Local funds reports

SAO is responsible for auditing public funds and accounts that are not managed by or in the care of the State Treasurer. These funds are commonly referred to as “local funds,” because they are deposited with local banks, often close to the agency's business office. As of 2016, state agencies and higher education institutions held more than $12 billion in local funds.

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Contracts reports

The Office of the Attorney General and SAO provide the contracts report to the Legislature every year. The document serves as a comprehensive report on the state agency contract audit and investigative findings, enforcement actions, and the status of agency resolution.

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Rural County Sales and Use Tax for Public Facilities reports

RCW 82.14.370 authorizes rural counties to impose a sales and use tax of no more than 0.09 percent to finance public facilities serving economic development purposes and personnel in economic development offices. A provision of this same law requires our Office to collect annual information on how counties use these tax proceeds. We fulfill this requirement through a report called the “Schedule 20.” It summarizes how counties used the funds and demonstrated compliance with state law.

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Unauditable Government reports

Under RCW 43.09.230, our Office is required to notify the legislative authority of a county and the State Treasurer of any special purpose districts in their jurisdiction that we determine to be an unauditable government.

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