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The State Auditor's Office (SAO) provides training to local government staff to help them file their annual report and to provide classes in finance, budgeting, accounting, reporting and other relevant fields.

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Annual BARS Update Training
Annual Filing Training and Support
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Annual BARS Update Training

The Annual BARS Update webinars occur in the fall each year. Live webinars are a no-cost, CPE eligible training offered by SAO's Local Government Support Team. Webinar topics include accounting and reporting updates coming to the BARS Manuals, annual report filing changes, new BARS codes, and more.

Webinar recordings of the 2023 BARS Updates can be found in the eLearnings section below.

Annual Filing Training and Support

The annual report deadline is 150 days after a government's fiscal year end. Annual reports for governments whose fiscal year end is December 31, 2023 are due by May 29, 2024.


These webinars will provide an overview of annual report components and a walk-through of the online reporting system. A pre-recorded version of the live webinars can be found in the eLearnings section below.

Filing Support

We offer one-on-one filing support for local governments that have started the filing process and have specific questions. The support is virtual, using video or conference call services.

Local governments may request individualized assistance by emailing or calling the voicemail line (564) 201-2975

Need help or assistance?

For assistance or have a filing question; please contact or call the voicemail line (564) 201-2975.


The State Auditor's Office is pleased to offer recordings of our live free, web-based trainings. Access the recorded trainings below.

BARS Library (contains 7 recordings)

Introduction to the BARS Manual (SAO eLearning runs 33 minutes) *Added April 15, 2024*

  • Join SAO for a tour of the BARS Manual. In this introductory video you will learn how to navigation through the various components of the manual.

What's coming to BARS in 2023

  • Visit the BARS 2023 project page for the introductory video on Subscription Based Information Technology Arrangements (SBITA) and Public-Private and Public-Public Partnerships (PPP).

What's coming to BARS in 2024

  • Visit the BARS 2024 project page for the introductory videos on changes to accounting and reporting related to Accounting Changes and Error Corrections and Compensated Absences.

2023 BARS Update *Added October 30, 2023*

Recorded version of the 4th Annual BARS Updates for GAAP and Cash Basis BARS, including information on the changes coming to the BARS Manuals in December 2023.

2022 BARS Update (added November 2022)

This is a recording of the 2022 BARS Update webinar from October 2022. This 100-minute recording with SAO's Local Government Support Team provides updates on the changes coming to the BARS Manuals in December 2022, including important accounting and reporting updates that effect GAAP and Cash governments, annual report filing changes, and more. The second half of the recording will provide training on the leases changes that are effective for fiscal year 2022 accounting and reporting.

Annual Filing System and Schedules Library (contains 5 recordings)

Annual Filing System Walk-Through:

This video is designed for new users or local governments who would like a refresher on how to use the online reporting system. This webinar will include an overview of the annual report's components and a walk-through of the online reporting system, applicable for Fiscal Year 2023 filing.

Schedule 06: Bank Reconciliations for Cash Basis Governments (Added December 2023) (eLearning runs 0:30:38)

  • This webinar covers the Schedule 06 reporting requirements, resources, and tools available for Cash Basis cities, towns, and counties.
Schedule 20: Sales and Use Tax for Public Facilities – Rural Counties(Added December 2023) (eLearning runs 0:08:20)
  • This webinar provides an overview of the changes made to the Schedule 20 (Schedule of Sales and Use Tax for Public Facilities). These changes are applicable for fiscal year 2023 reporting. For Rural Counties only.
Specific Accounting and Reporting Topics Library (contains 5 recordings)

Introduction to Governmental Accounting Series

  • Introduction to Fund Principles (Added April 30, 2024) (eLearning runs 50:46)
    • This recording provides an overview of governmental funds: what they are, the categories of funds, and the fund types within those categories. This training is applicable to both GAAP and Cash BARS basis governments.

Lease Recordings

OPEB for Cash Basis Governments (eLearning runs 41:00)

  • This webinar covers the Other Post-Employment Benefits reporting requirements, resources, and tools available for Cash Basis local governments.   

Pension Calculations for Cash Basis Governments – DRS Plans (eLearning runs 21:58)

  • This video demonstrates how cash basis governments can use the SAO Cash Pension Worksheet to calculate their net pension liabilities and net pension assets for their pension plans administered by the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS). Added January 18, 2023.                        


Not finding what you are looking for? Check out other eLearnings available on our Improving Training Videos page.


Training Classes

Register for training classes in finance, budgeting, accounting, reporting and other relevant fields through WFOA's Non-Conference Training page.

For more information or questions regarding any of the trainings listed above contact