Improvement Training Videos

The State Auditor's Office (SAO) is here to help you understand more about what we do and the services we provide. Our online training library offers free training videos available any time.

Cash receipting

  • Cash receipting: Fraud Prevention and Internal Controls (eLearning)
    • Want to know more about how to protect your organization from cash receipting fraud? Our on-demand training follows an actual fraud case while covering important best practices for internal controls. You'll learn how to recognize the warning signs and red flags of common fraud schemes and the rewards of developing a strong internal control system and the risks if you don't. Local government employees are eligible for Continuing Professional Education Credit (CPE) for this course.

Fraud detection and reporting for local governments

  • Fraud: Detection and Deterrence (eLearning runs 40:00)
    • Includes a brief overview of the most common types of fraud schemes, their associated red flags and suggested internal controls.
  • Fraud: Recognizing and Reporting(eLearning runs 25:00)
    • Shows local government officials how to be aware of, respond to and report possible fraud.

Audits and assets overviews