BARS Reporting Templates

BARS Reporting Templates

The Microsoft Word and Excel templates provided on this page are designed to help local governments with different aspects of their accounting and financial reporting. The templates should be used in conjunction with the appropriate BARS Manuals, which contain additional information and instructions for the preparation of the financial reports.

Visit the BARS and Annual Filing FAQ page for additional resources.

Forms and Other Resources


Schedule 01

The BARS codes listed in the templates contain the most commonly used codes. A complete list of BARS codes are available in the Charts of Accounts: GAAP BARS Account Export or Cash BARS Account Export.

Note: We strongly recommend governments download the most up-to-date Schedule 01 template for annual report submissions to ensure coding updates are captured. 

If you need assistance with filing a prior report, please email

Other Schedules

Schedules Designed for Online Filing:

The following are current templates used for online filing. During the filing process users will have an opportunity to print/save a final version of the schedules in the format prescribed in the BARS Manuals.

Select prior-year templates (including pension/OPEB) can be found here.

Miscellaneous Templates

Pension/OPEB Templates for Fiscal Year 2023

Cash basis entities

GAAP basis entities

Pension/OPEB Templates for Fiscal Year 2018-2022