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Cyber checkups: Common results from the first year of reviews

One year ago, the Center for Government Innovation at the State Auditor's Office introduced a new service for local governments: cyber checkups. This blog post discusses the most common successes and issues we see, as well as how this program can help local governments in Washington. ... CONTINUE READING

New report finds areas of concern with police use of civil asset forfeiture in Washington

The State Auditor's Office has published a performance audit that described how civil asset forfeiture works in Washington, based on an analysis of data and practices at eight law enforcement agencies. The audit found that while the agencies we audited followed state law, they could do more to ensure people receive notice of the police’s intent to forfeit their property and understand how to reclaim it.   ... CONTINUE READING

Local compliance with GMA permit timelines varies widely, audit finds

The State Auditor's Office has released a performance audit that looked at six local governments in high-growth areas of the state to determine if they were properly complying with the Growth Management Act's 120-day rule to make decisions on development plans. While we found most were, some of the governments struggled with processing land use and civil permits in time. ... CONTINUE READING

Are your IT policies strong enough? Chances are, probably not

IT policies are the foundation of key cybersecurity controls. This SAO blog post discusses the top seven IT policies that your government should have in place. ... CONTINUE READING

Learn what it's like to work at SAO during one of our virtual Spring Fair recruiting events April 9 or 10

During this spring’s recruitment events, attendees will learn about SAO and the skills it takes to be an auditor at our Office. They will also have the opportunity to network with auditors and recruiters, learn what makes a candidate a great fit for SAO, and get a taste of what we do for #GoodGovernment. ... CONTINUE READING

Better data, documentation needed to ensure consistency in public land lease rates for docks, shellfish farming and more

The State Auditor's Office has released a performance audit of how the Department of Natural Resources sets aquatic land lease rates for two lease types favored in state law. The audit found DNR’s processes supported consistency in rate-setting for water-dependent uses, but that it lacked documentation to reliably demonstrate it followed consistent procedures in other leases. ... CONTINUE READING

Are your federal program reports accurate, complete and on time? Here are tips to improve your odds

Almost every federal program requires recipients to file reports, which could include financial, performance and other special purpose reporting. Awarding agencies rely on these reports to ensure recipients used federal funds to achieve program objectives, which helps them make future funding decisions.  ... CONTINUE READING

Bookkeeper misappropriated funds from seven Yakima-area governments, auditors find

The State Auditor's Office has published a fraud report that found several irrigation and drainage districts near Yakima hired the same bookkeeper who misappropriated public funds through a variety of schemes. ... CONTINUE READING

State Auditor Pat McCarthy celebrates International Women's Day

As Washington’s first woman elected Washington State Auditor, Pat McCarthy joins the world in celebrating International Women’s Day today, March 8, 2024. ... CONTINUE READING

Pierce County Superior Court Clerk’s Office lacked financial controls, safeguards for trust accounts, audit finds

An accountability audit of the Pierce County Superior Court Clerk’s Office found a significant lack of controls over financial operations, including taking not action to pay out several large accounts held in trust. ... CONTINUE READING