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Town of Cusick becomes a lesson in the importance of following audit recommendations

Five years ago, the Office of the Washington State Auditor advised the town of Cusick that it had inadequate controls over its payroll and credit cards. Had the small government followed its audit recommendations then, it likely could have avoided more recent, and much larger, losses. ... CONTINUE READING

Quick tips on how to monitor your collection agency

It’s fairly common for local governments to use a collection agency in some capacity, such as to collect outstanding fees or fines, but how do you know if they’re doing a good job? Our latest blog post includes quick tips for local governments to help monitor their agency and evaluate its performance. ... CONTINUE READING

A special-edition SAO newsletter just for schools and school districts

As part of our participation in the 2024 Washington Association of School Business Officials (WASBO) annual conference in Tacoma, we’ve put together a special-edition Audit Connection newsletter filled with the latest news on financial reporting and auditing issues specifically for schools and school districts including tools and resources to help improve internal controls, deter and detect fraud, shore up cybersecurity, and more. ... CONTINUE READING

A syllabus of top SAO resources and articles for school districts

Whether you're a new school official looking to learn all you can, or a seasoned veteran just interested in a refresher or two, chances are we have some resources you can use. We've put together a list of linked articles, tools and checklists that have proven quite useful over the years. ... CONTINUE READING

Take charge of your credit card program. Implement our updated best practices today!

The State Auditor's Office has updated its Best Practices for Credit Card Programs resource. We’ve added more best practices to our resource, about 14 in total, to help local governments better manage the risk that comes with having a credit card program. ... CONTINUE READING

Cyber checkups: Common results from the first year of reviews

One year ago, the Center for Government Innovation at the State Auditor's Office introduced a new service for local governments: cyber checkups. This blog post discusses the most common successes and issues we see, as well as how this program can help local governments in Washington. ... CONTINUE READING

New report finds areas of concern with police use of civil asset forfeiture in Washington

The State Auditor's Office has published a performance audit that described how civil asset forfeiture works in Washington, based on an analysis of data and practices at eight law enforcement agencies. The audit found that while the agencies we audited followed state law, they could do more to ensure people receive notice of the police’s intent to forfeit their property and understand how to reclaim it.   ... CONTINUE READING

Local compliance with GMA permit timelines varies widely, audit finds

The State Auditor's Office has released a performance audit that looked at six local governments in high-growth areas of the state to determine if they were properly complying with the Growth Management Act's 120-day rule to make decisions on development plans. While we found most were, some of the governments struggled with processing land use and civil permits in time. ... CONTINUE READING

Are your IT policies strong enough? Chances are, probably not

IT policies are the foundation of key cybersecurity controls. This SAO blog post discusses the top seven IT policies that your government should have in place. ... CONTINUE READING

Learn what it's like to work at SAO during one of our virtual Spring Fair recruiting events April 9 or 10

During this spring’s recruitment events, attendees will learn about SAO and the skills it takes to be an auditor at our Office. They will also have the opportunity to network with auditors and recruiters, learn what makes a candidate a great fit for SAO, and get a taste of what we do for #GoodGovernment. ... CONTINUE READING