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Training and Workshops

Filing training and other resources

The State Auditor’s Office (SAO) provides training to local government staff to help them file their annual report, and works with partners to provide classes in finance, budgeting, accounting, reporting and other relevant fields.

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Annual BARS Update Training
Annual Filing Workshops and Training
In Person Trainings

Annual BARS Update Training

The Annual BARS Update training occur in the fall each year. The training schedule will be available late summer.

Prior year recorded webinars can be found in the eLearnings section below.

Annual Filing Workshops and Training

The annual report deadline is 150 days after a government’s fiscal year end. Annual reports for governments whose fiscal year end is December 31, 2020, are due by May 30, 2021.

The deadline falls on a Sunday over the Memorial Day Weekend, so we encourage local governments to file early to allow time for questions when staff is available. SAO staff will not be available over the holiday weekend.

This year, we are offering a NEW free training via Live Webinar, which is designed for new users and local governments who would like a refresher on how to use the online reporting system. These webinars will include an overview of the annual report’s components and a walk-through of the online reporting system. Click the webinar date to register:

Cash Webinar DatesGAAP Webinar Dates
April 20, 2021; 9am – 11am (almost full)April 21, 2021; 9am – 11am
April 27, 2021; 1pm – 3pmApril 28, 2021; 1pm – 3pm

In addition to the live webinars, we will be offering our free, one-on-one filing workshops. The workshops will be virtual, using video or conference call services. Local governments will be able to register for a one-hour time slot for individualized assistance.

These workshops are intended for local governments that have started the filing process and have specific questions.

To register for an appointment visit Sign Up Genius.

For more information or questions regarding the filing workshops and the webinar training contact


The State Auditor’s Office is pleased to offer free, web-based training opportunities to help train government staff:

Open for registration
  • Annual Filing Webinar – see above
  • New live webinars coming in 2021! 
    • Leases
Recorded eLearning
  • Leases, as of February 2020 (eLearning runs 27:51)
    • Covers the changes to governmental lease accounting and reporting for both GAAP and Cash Basis.
  • Introduction to the BARS Manuals (eLearning runs 50:00)
    • Covers the basic contents of the Budgeting, Accounting and Reporting System (BARS) Manuals and guidelines for navigating the manuals.
  • SAO 2019 BARS Update: 
    • This training is a recording of the Fall 2019 Roadshow BARS Update and provides the update to the BARS Manuals, including information on Asset Retirement Obligations, Leases, Fiduciary Funds, OPEB, and more. 
  • SAO 2020 BARS Update: NEW!
    • This training is a recording of the 2nd Annual BARS Updates for GAAP and Cash Basis BARS, including information on Asset Retirement Obligations, Fiduciary Activities, OPEB, and BARS Coding changes, annual filing updates, and more. 

Not finding what you are looking for? Check out other eLearnings available on our Solutions and Resources page.

Training Classes

Register for training classes in finance, budgeting, accounting, reporting and other relevant fields through WFOA’s Non-Conference Training page.

For more information or questions regarding any of the trainings listed above contact