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Performance Audits in Progress

What are we working on now?

Several performance audits are under way at any given time, and more are being considered. Once a performance audit has completed its initial planning work, we publish a one-page description of the project, summarizing the topic and our plans for conducting the audit. To learn more about the projects in progress, read the one-page summaries below.

One page summaries of our current audits by topic area

Health and Human Services

Evaluating Washington’s Prevention and Early Intervention Efforts in Students’ Behavioral Health (PDF)

Increasing Collections of Past Due Child Support Using Insurance Payment Intercepts (PDF)

Medicaid Program Integrity (PDF)

Government Operations

Data System Backup and Recovery (PDF)

Reassessing Implementation of the Regulatory Fairness Act (PDF)

Evaluating Washington’s Ballot Rejection Rates (PDF)

Natural Resources

Department of Fish & Wildlife: Workplace Culture (PDF)

Adaptive Management Program: Improving consensus-based decision-making (PDF)