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Resource Library – Technology

Managing technology is an important part of your internal control process and safeguarding your data. These best practices can help you successfully implement a new applications system, ensure sound backup and recovery practices, and evaluate records management technology options.  

Best Practices: Implementing a new application system

Image of best practices for implementing a new application system

This list of best practices can help local governments learn what they need to do before, during and after converting to a new financial management, billing, receipting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other system.

Last updated: October 2021

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Best Practices: Backup and recovery

Image of best practices for backup and recovery

There are many risks to your data, including hardware failure, natural disasters, human error, theft, and attacks like malware and ransomware. This short guide to leading practices for data backup and recovery will help you develop a strong plan to quickly return to operation.

Last updated: 2020

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Guide: PRA and records management technology

Image of Public Records Act and records management technology guide

The Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC), in partnership with SAO, developed this guide to help small- to medium-sized government agencies identify, evaluate and select records management technology solutions that are best matched with their needs, goals and budgets.

Last updated: 2018

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