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CliftonStrengths Teambuilding Workshops

Help your team discover and use their unique strengths

Cover image of CliftonStrengths book by Don Clifton

The Center for Government Innovation offers engaging and interactive CliftonStrengths workshops to help government teams discover their natural strengths and talents in a way that brings out everyone’s best contribution.

By leveraging everyone’s strengths, teams can build more trust, work more collaboratively and effectively, and increase work satisfaction.

What are CliftonStrengths?

The CliftonStrengths were created more than 50 years ago by educational psychologist Donald Clifton. He wanted to identify the strengths that made top performers stand out. In the 1990s, under Clifton’s leadership, The Gallup Organization created the CliftonStrengths assessment to help people identify and build on their greatest strengths.

Customize your CliftonStrengths workshop

Before every workshop, participants will complete the CliftonStrengths assessment and receive a personalized profile of their strengths. During the workshop, we provide facilitated discussion about the profile and how it can help each person and your team discover and use their unique strengths.

The Center’s CliftonStrengths workshops can be customized to fit your government’s needs and timeframe. A typical workshop can be done onsite at your agency in three hours. The Center also offers a virtual format, although we strongly encourage our in-person workshops to increase employee engagement and teambuilding.

CliftonStrengths workshop materials and resources

  • CliftonStrengths book and online assessment
  • Personalized strengths profile for each participant
  • Supplemental workshop materials
  • Break-out activities, team conversations
  • Customized team strengths matrix
  • Follow-up discussions to continue learning

CliftonStrengths workshop costs

These workshops are available at no cost to all Washington governments. However, your government will need to purchase the CliftonStrengths books for participants.

Ready to get started?

Contact the Center for Government Innovation to learn more about our teambuilding workshops and how we can customize a class to meet your agency’s needs.

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