Auditor's Office announces staff changes

Aug 31, 2017

We are excited to share a couple of staff appointments that have occurred this year:



Tina Watkins, CPA, accepted the appointment of assistant director of Local Audit in February 2017. Tina has been with our Office for 23 years. She started with Team Vancouver, where she became an assistant audit manager and eventually the audit manager. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated strong leadership, outstanding client relations and professionalism. Tina previously was a program manager for Fire Districts and is the program manager for Counties.



Lindsay Osborne accepted the appointment of Team Vancouver Audit Manager in April 2017. Lindsay has been a valuable member of the Office for more than 12 years! Throughout her career, Lindsay has been a dedicated, hard-working and motivated team member. The past six years, she has supported Team Vancouver as an Assistant Audit Manager. As if that were not enough, the past couple years Lindsay has done an amazing job as the Single Audit program manager, which allowed her to collaborate with audit teams across the state to ensure consistent and accurate reporting of single audit issues.

Please join us in congratulating these two on their new appointments!