Building and planning go virtual

Aug 12, 2020

The permitting counter was usually a busy place at a local city or county government, with contractors and homeowners stopping in to ask questions or buy permits. Most entities have probably changed their processes to reduce interpersonal contact since the pandemic started.

For some, it might be time to re-evaluate if your temporary solution is working for you and what other options you might have. Here is a current list of resources we have found that could help you.

Options and considerations

It's not just about your options, but also all the considerations that come along with exercising a virtual option. This first resource gives you some of both. It covers online filing options and the use of drop boxes. It provides a host of factors to consider – such as whether you are in compliance with any original documentation requirements. To read more:

Real life case studies

You can find out what others have done in these real life stories that just might inspire you!

  • Municipal Research and Services Center has published several blog posts on this topic, the most recent one in June 2020. This blog post walks through four case studies of actual local governments and how they have adapted.

An upcoming webinar from MRSC

Learn more about online permitting/plan review systems in this upcoming webinar on August 18. This new class, The Ins and Outs of Online Permitting & Plan Review, is available at a cost of $35.

This webinar is intended for planners, plans examiners, building officials, appointed and elected officials, and other people involved/interested in the local development review process. If you think you might have interested persons in your organization, make sure to share this information with them!

For help

Remember, we are here to help. At the Center for Government Innovation, we have financial management specialists available to help you talk through technical projects. For assistance, reach out to the You can also reach out to us with specific questions through our helpdesk service.