Ransomware goes nuclear

Feb 28, 2020

Make no mistake about it, organizations are fighting a war against ransomware. As in any war, it helps to know when your adversary's strategy changes in a major way.

And that is exactly what has been happening in the past few months, according to Roger A. Grimes, a cybersecurity expert with KnowBe4, a cybersecurity training company. The bad guys have found new ways to make you pay up, and they aren't taking no for an answer.

In fact, telling the bad guys “no, we won't pay” can prompt them to raise their price and elevate their threat against an organization to a new level.

Grimes refers to this as “Ransomware going nuclear.”

If you are interested in learning more, check out this free, one-hour webinar from KnowBe4:


Poster shows a hooded figure in a boat at sea, working at a laptop while fishing poles drop lures into the water attached to email phishing messages.

One important defense is to stop the bad guys from getting in to begin with. This requires educating your employees about what they can do to help your government stay safe. Consider these resources to help you in your efforts:

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