SAO hourly billing rate remains the same

Sep 18, 2020

Last year, our goal was to maintain the local audit hourly billing rate for two years, through 2021. Although we did not plan for the fiscal challenges of a pandemic, we have determined that, by changing some of our operations and making internal cost adjustments, we will be able to meet our goal and leave the rate unchanged from 2020. However, if any unforeseen significant costs (i.e., COVID-19 or legislative funding changes) occur that we cannot adjust for, a billing adjustment may be necessary.

State Auditor's Office 2021 hourly billing rates

  • $113 for local government audit work
  • $84.75 for auditors in travel status (75 percent of
  • standard rate)
  • $210 for fraud investigation
  • $157.50 for auditors in travel status during fraud investigation work (75 percent of standard rate)

This has been an unprecedented year, and we will continue to actively monitor our financial situation.

We are committed to continued communication of
any future rate adjustments.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Collins, CPA, Director of Local Audit, by phone at (564) 999-0807 or by email at