SAO announces key leadership changes

Apr 14, 2022

The State Auditor's Office is excited to announce several key leadership changes. Please join us in congratulating all of our talented staff members on their new roles with SAO.

Mark Rapozo, Assistant Director of Local Audit, retires from SAO

After more than 38 years at SAO, Mark Rapozo, CPA, will retire effective April 2022. Rapozo built extensive professional and personal relationships during his long career in public service. As an assistant director, Rapozo played a significant role in supporting the School Programs Team in planning and coordinating school audits statewide while working with key education stakeholders. In retirement, Rapozo plans to stay engaged in local community service and spend more time in his home state of Hawaii. SAO will miss him, but his colleagues wish him “aloha” and all the best.

Tina Watkins, Assistant Director of Local Audit, to oversee School Programs Team

During her 28 years at SAO, Tina Watkins, CPA, has held several leadership roles working with various local government types. With Rapozo's retirement, Watkins will take on supporting the School Programs Team. In this role, Watkins will communicate with key education stakeholders and support the team to plan and coordinate school audits statewide.

Wendy Choy promoted to Assistant Director of Local Audit

Wendy Choy was promoted to an Assistant Director of Local Audit in March 2022. Previously, Choy was the Audit Manager for our North King County Team, and she is the current Program Manager for hospital audits. In her new role, Choy will be responsible for the audit teams located in Bellingham, Everett, King County and Tacoma. She has more than 19 years of service with SAO and brings extensive audit experience, particularly with auditing large cities and counties.

Lisa Carrell promoted to Olympia Audit Manager

Lisa Carrell, CPA, became the new Audit Manager for our Olympia Team in January 2022. In her seven years with SAO, Carrell has primarily worked on audits in Thurston, Lewis and Grays Harbor counties. She has also served in dual roles as a subject matter expert on both counties and pensions/other postemployment benefits. Carrell is passionate about the work we do, and she consistently combines her strong technical background with a collaborative management approach to lead and support her colleagues.

Haji Adams promoted to North King County Audit Manager

Haji Adams will be the Audit Manager for our North King County Team effective April 2022. Adams started his career with SAO as an intern. In his close to 13-year career, Adams has gained extensive experience supervising and conducting audits on several local governments in the King County metropolitan area. In his new role, Adams said that he would continue to support a positive work culture that allows the team to increase its audit effectiveness for clients and citizens.

Kim Nguyen promoted to South King County Audit Manager

Kim Nguyen, CPA, CFE, will be the Audit Manager for our South King County Team effective April 2022. In her 8-year career with SAO, Nguyen has gained extensive audit experience through her work on each of the three King County audit teams. She has served as both a SAO recruiter and a subject matter expert on fire districts. In her new role, Nguyen said that she would promote a culture of learning, inclusivity, accountability, and most importantly, one of empathy.