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Apr 27, 2022

We're excited to see you in person at this year's annual WASBO conference. Since we last saw you—virtually in 2021—we've updated some of your favorite resources, like the school's financial statement review and preparation checklist, and made some changes to our piggybacking best practices guide. We've also launched new guides and checklists for payroll and accounts payable that you won't want to miss. And with the influx of federal money to school districts, we've created a new tool to help with your federal grant programs. Stop by our booth to learn more about these resources!

Procurement resources

You'll want to download our updated piggybacking guide. To align better with current state law, our guidance now restricts piggybacking to awarding entities that are only public agencies (or a group of public agencies). And by using our checklist, you can document the steps you take when procuring through piggybacking!

Another resource you might have missed is our responsible bidder checklist and FAQ. You can use our checklist to help guide you through all nine of the required steps before you award a public works project.

Federal programs resources

This checklist can help you conduct a risk assessment across your mix of federal programs. That way, you can identify risks or challenges early and proactively address them. You can download the spreadsheet and even customize it for your district.

Internal control-related resources

When was the last time you evaluated your financial process internal controls? If it's been a while, consider our self-assessment internal control checklists for cash receipting, accounts payable, and payroll systems to get you started. You can download each checklist and complete it electronically.

Additionally, take your district's control systems to the next level by using our cash receipting, accounts payable, and payroll guides. This suite of resources can help you develop policies and identify best practices and other ways to improve. Leadership, managers, supervisors, and accounting clerks can all find information tailored to them within these guides.

Technology-related resources

If you are planning to contract with a third party for receipting software or to process electronic payments like credit cards, then our newly refreshed resource will help you understand best practices. Even if you already have contracts in place, this resource can help you learn more about monitoring for compliance and maintaining oversight of the money.

Financial-related resources

Finance officials, remember to use our checklist when it comes time to prepare and review your financial statements. It will also help you with the Schedule of Liabilities and Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards. We'll be releasing the next update in September 2022, just in time to help with your next annual financial report!

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If you are looking for help in a certain area and can't find it here or in our resource database, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help you find what you need.

For help

Remember, SAO can help you. If you have specific technical accounting questions, submit them using our HelpDesk in the client portal.

We also have financial management specialists at SAO's Center for Government Innovation available to talk with you about best practices, resources, or internal controls. For assistance, reach out to us at