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Cybersecurity resources for local governments in Washington

Local governments in Washington need to respond to ever-evolving cybersecurity threats to their systems and data. We know that trying to sort through the available information can be time-consuming and anxiety-provoking. That’s why we’ve created a place for local governments to start and #BeCyberSmart. View or download our one-page handout on the top three things each role in a local government can do.

Curated information for you, no matter what role you have

Everyone in a local government has an important role to play in helping to minimize cybersecurity risks. All staff should be proactive in protecting information and systems. Learn more about your role in how to #BeCyberSmart with the profiles below. Also, we have published additional cybersecurity resources in our Audit Connection blog.

Are you a part of a state agency looking for cybersecurity resources?

Visit the Office of Cybersecurity or Washington Technology Solutions.

Facilities and Operations

  1. Identify cyber risks to infrastructure
  2. Ensure facilities have appropriate security controls
  3. Improve security of infrastructure

Download the PDF Protecting facilities »

Information Technology

  1. Create a robust cybersecurity program
  2. Integrate security into design, architecture, deployment, and routine operations
  3. Maintain excellent technical competence in cybersecurity

Download the PDF At the core of cybersecurity »

Leadership and Planning

  1. Include cyber-risks when performing entity-wide risk assessments
  2. Develop and maintain policies and standards for your organization related to cybersecurity
  3. Adequately fund cybersecurity

Download the PDF Leading the way »

New: Backup and Recovery Best Practices

  1. Implement a strong backup process
  2. Establish effective recovery plans
  3. Maintain your backup and recovery best practices

Download the PDF Backup and recovery best practices »

Human Resources

  1. Train employees on cybersecurity
  2. Evaluate and support staffing needs to address cyber-risks
  3. Protect access to sensitive employee information through cybersecurity best practices

Download the PDF People matter in cybersecurity »

Finance and Administration

  1. Fund cybersecurity to enable its success
  2. Work with other departments to ensure third party contracts include appropriate cybersecurity accountability clauses
  3. Protect sensitive financial, legal and other confidential information

Download the PDF Finance matters »