State Auditor Pat McCarthy

Auditor McCarthy joins national association’s executive committee

Washington State Auditor Pat McCarthy has been appointed to the executive committee of the National State Auditors Association. The nonpartisan group represents state auditors' interests in financial management and provides training and resources to professionals in the field.

“It's an honor to serve with my colleagues across the nation as we work to provide all Americans the government transparency and accountability they expect,” said McCarthy.

These acts of insurrection cannot stand. All Americans must condemn them.

“In light of the horrific attack yesterday on our nation's Capitol, it is incumbent on every American to condemn these actions. I condemn them in the strongest terms.

I also believe we must find in this chaos an opportunity to come back together as a nation. Many Washingtonians have deep concerns and frustrations about current events, but we must resist violence as a means to air them. We have more in common as Americans than we have differences.

'Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.' – RBG, 1933-2020

“I am saddened by the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but truly inspired by her legacy – particularly her full-throated advocacy for women's rights. That set the stage for many women leaders like me to speak out on these issues as well. She was a brilliant and successful attorney in an era when being a mother was unheard of in the profession. She was a trailblazer for women, only the second to sit on the Supreme Court. She was an advocate for equality and fairness throughout her career.

A Message from State Auditor Pat McCarthy

I don't think any of us who attended last year's Washington Finance Officers Association conference in Yakima could have predicted that this year we'd be meeting in an all-virtual conference. Even so, we at the State Auditor's Office are looking forward to seeing you online. And I would like to thank all of our partners in local government for working with us through the many twists and turns of the past year.

A Message from State Auditor Pat McCarthy: Financial accountability has never been more necessary

Colleagues, the hard work of accountability that you achieve with regular auditing has never been more important. Audits give reassurance to taxpayers and governments alike as we face an economic slump deeper than anything since the Great Depression. Especially when public programs like health care and emergency services are in high demand, this transparency is essential.

Washington State Auditor Pat McCarthy will donate salary increase to The Other Bank Program

Washington State Auditor Pat McCarthy announced Friday she will donate a scheduled salary increase to charity.

McCarthy's scheduled annual increase of $4,000 begins July 1. State law does not allow elected officials to return cost-of-living increases, so McCarthy will donate hers to The Other Bank. It distributes personal hygiene and cleaning items to more than 13,000 low-income individuals and families in Thurston and surrounding counties each year. Items from The Other Bank cannot be purchased with food stamps, and about a third of the recipients are children.

A message from State Auditor Pat McCarthy: Important update regarding delay of GASB standard

I want to share an important update with you. The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) voted Thursday, May 7 to delay implementation of several new accounting standards. The decision by GASB takes effect immediately, and comes in response to requests by governments across the country as they grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.