Annual reports deadline draws near

Mar 26, 2018


annual report deadline for governments whose fiscal year ends December 31, 2017. These governments' annual reports are due on
May 30, 2018. State law does not provide for any exceptions, so we are available to help you meet the deadline.

As always, we recommend filing with our Office's online reporting system, which you can access through our website. If your government has not filed online previously, you can create a new free account at the above link, and you will be connected to appropriate pages. To make the process as easy as possible, these pages include a short video that shows you how to file online in minutes.

Cities and counties continue to have the option to use the online reporting system to submit their Street/Roads Report data.

Need help? We're coming to a city near you!

Our Office also is conducting free filing workshops around the state to help with the reporting process; these workshops are scheduled from April 10 through May 25, 2018.



We will provide one-on-one assistance either in person at one of many locations or through conference or video call. Participants can register for a one-hour time slot for individualized assistance. We will provide computers, so if you bring the materials needed to file your report, you might be able to complete and file your report during that time. For more details about the filing workshops, go to our website's training page.