Performance Center offers tools to help navigate the competitive bidding process

Apr 6, 2018

bid, 3D rendering, red wax stamp with text


Are you unsure when the formal competitive bidding process is required?

The Performance Center recently released two new resources to help local governments determine when they must use a formal competitive bidding process for purchases or public works projects.

“Bid Thresholds for Purchases” outlines the thresholds for when a government has to use a purchase contract and when it must use the formal competitive bidding process.

Similarly, “Bid Thresholds for Public Works Projects” lays out the thresholds for when a local government must use a small works roster or the formal competitive bidding process to award a small works project.

Available at our Resource Database, both resources identify the relevant thresholds by local government type, and also refer to the laws or regulations that apply to each local government type.