Get FIT in 15-minutes or schedule a FIT personal training session

Aug 13, 2020

Whether you are a new user, a casual explorer of data, or a government data power-user, SAO is here to ensure you feel confident using the Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT).

New users rejoice – Get FIT in 15-minutes or less!

Power up your skills during a session with a FIT personal trainer!

  • If you want to step up your game or if you have specific questions about how to leverage the power of your data in FIT, set up a time with one of our FIT personal trainers for a one-on-one session! Send us an email with your interest to today!

Whether new to FIT or an experienced user, there's always something new to learn.

Keep your eye out for more FIT tips, tutorials, and feature announcements in the weeks to come.