Financial Intelligence Tool

SAO’s newly redesigned Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT) now offers easier access to financial data for nearly 2,000 local governments

Those familiar with the Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT) from SAO’s Center for Government Innovation know it has plenty of horsepower: It includes a decade’s worth of financial data for nearly 2,000 local governments, along with a ton of different ways to sort, filter and arrange this insightful information. (In fact, our Office is statutorily required to publish this data to the public and FIT’s how we do it.) 

Curious about which local governments receive WSDOT funding? FIT has the answer

SAO's latest performance audit report looked at the Washington State Department of Transportation's (WSDOT) contracting processes for tolling. While that audit didn't involve local governments, WSDOT plays a large role in how they obtain state resources to improve local road systems. This got staff in SAO's Center for Government Innovation thinking about how much transportation funding WSDOT distributes statewide.

Annual report filing deadline is around the corner—which local governments have already filed?  

Spring is here and so is the annual report filing season. This year's deadline is May 30. Every year, we encourage governments to submit their annual reports on time. Not only does timely filing ensure local governments comply with state law, it demonstrates our shared commitment to accountability and transparency in government.

This year, we bring you a refreshed way to view filing progress across the state. Powered by SAO's Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT), our new infographic updates daily as we approach the deadline.

FIT Data Stories: COVID-19’s effect on revenues in border towns and special districts

In this bonus edition of our FIT Data Stories series on COVID-19's effect on our cities and towns' revenues, we use our Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT) to take a deep dive into how the pandemic affected Washington's border towns and special districts. Scroll through our interactive infographic to get a better picture of the pandemic's financial effect on our state.