World premiere: ‘Fish Tank,’ the limited series

Dec 7, 2021

Today marks the premiere of the Center for Government Innovation's limited series, “Fish Tank,” on SAO's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

This year, the Center took a new approach to its annual fall outreach to local governments with a four-episode parody of the reality television series, “Shark Tank.” In this fun #GoodGovernment project, Center staff members cast their innovative services to a team of “fish” representing local governments to remind them that SAO's Center for Government Innovation is here to help them solve problems and provide great public service. Tune in each day to see if the Center can reel in the fish!

In Tuesday's premiere episode, Steven Thomson, a process improvement specialist with the Center, pitches no-cost Lean services, which can help local governments find innovative ways of making existing work more efficient and services more customer focused. Watch the first episode to see if Steven can get the fish to take the bait!

In Wednesday's episode, watch Debbie Pennick, the Center's assistant director, try to reel in the big fish of local governments when she casts her StrengthsFinder teambuilding and leadership trainings. Will a fish give her a deal, or will they all swim away?

On Thursday, financial specialists Duane Walz and Niles Kostick pitch SAO's Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT) to help local governments assess and monitor their finances. Will Duane and Niles get smoked by the fish, or will they stay afloat?

Our final episode on Friday features Debbie Pennick and Center program manager Sherrie Ard. Together, they pitch technical assistance to local governments for things like internal controls or compliance with buying and bidding laws. Will they krill it, or will they have to walk the plank with their pitch for all of the Center for Government Innovation's services?

On Monday, Dec. 13, we'll debut “Fish Tank” in its entirety with all four episodes stitched together on SAO's YouTube channel.