Annual report: How the State Auditor's Office served the public in 2022

Dec 28, 2022

As the year comes to an end, we invite you to explore the interactive annual report for fiscal year 2022 below to learn more about our work with local governments and state agencies to ensure accountability and transparency for public resources.

We conducted more than 2,560 audits on the public's behalf this year. Thanks to the Legislature's investment in extra auditing hours, we were able to review 86 percent of all the federal funds the state received. We identified some significant problems, including more than $1 billion in questioned costs – money we could not verify was spent according to federal rules. We also began two new audit programs, focused on issues important to Washingtonians:

  • Ensuring electricity providers comply with the state's Clean Energy Transformation Act
  • Assessing the work of investigation teams that review police actions involving use of deadly force

Finally, we refreshed our Resource Library, offering dozens of free guides, checklists, best practices and tools to help Washington governments improve their operations. It includes important topics like cybersecurity, financial reporting, and how elected officials and boards can help prevent fraud. Here is a PDF version of the document.

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