Annual Report

Preparing your annual report package? Check out SAO’s updated cash basis checklist

Every year, we update the cash basis financial statement checklist so that you have the latest guidance as you prepare your government's annual report filing package. In addition to incorporating the most recent BARS changes, we also monitor audit results and make additional adjustments to help you check for common errors.

Annual report takes a 20/20 look at 2020

2020 has been a year unlike any other. However, we at the Office of the Washington State Auditor still have a responsibility to report on what we've done this year.

We invite you to click through our interactive 2020 annual report below. Learn about the amount and kinds of audits and investigations we have done, including some high profile cases, as well as some of what we have planned for 2021. Look at an overview of our budget and funding. And discover what other work our Office performs as we strive to increase government transparency and accountability.

How SAO served you during 2019

Take a trip through 2019 with the Office of the Washington State Auditor, tracking public dollars and exploring good government. The annual report this year is entirely digital – one more way we've changed our approach to sharing information during the pandemic.

We provide an objective examination of every government in Washington: every state agency, city, school district and much more. Each year, we issue thousands of reports that detail the results of many different kinds of audits. Let's hit the (virtual) road for a look at the numbers and what they mean.

How your public auditors spent 2017

Your public auditors were busy in 2017. The Office of the Washington State Auditor published more than 2,000 reports covering a wide spectrum of topics.
While many people are familiar with our work in their area, fewer know the full scope of what the Office does across Washington. We are making a concerted effort to increase trust in government, and a key part of that goal is making audit work accessible and easy to understand.