Preview your school district data in FIT

Aug 11, 2022

The Office of the Washington State Auditor is excited to announce the addition of school district financial data to our Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT). Before we make this data available to the public, we are inviting school districts to preview their data and become familiar with how to use the tool.

Since this information is not public yet, only school district staff who have an SAO Online Service account can access their district's FIT data. While you won't be able to test all functionality, we encourage you to look at your district's financial data, profile information, and data visualization of revenues and expenditures.

This is the first step to fully displaying school district financial data in FIT. Once we make the data publicly available, users will be able to search, filter, and compare financial data from across the state. FIT has become a popular way for journalists, legislators and the public to explore and compare how local governments receive and spend public dollars, and we know the inclusion of school district data will only add to the site's popularity.

We hope you are excited to view your district's data in new ways.

How to access your district's data in FIT

To access school district data in FIT at this time, you must be associated with a school district and have a SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account that is used to log into SAO's Online Services. If you are a member of a school district and do not have access to SAO's Online Services through your SAW account or are having problems logging in, you can find help in our SAW user guide.

If you have a SAW account and are a member of a school district, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access FIT at
  1. Read and accept the information window, which says that the application contains data that has been submitted by local governments
  1. Click the login button near the top of the page. You should enter the credentials you use to access SAO's Online Services, such as the one used to submit your district's federal grant data to SAO or used to respond to audit recommendations through SAO's Tracker.
  1. Use the “Find Government by Name” menu on the left-hand side of FIT to find your school district and access its profile

If you aren't associated with a school district and are curious about school district data, please visit

Learn more about FIT

Want to learn more? SAO has made it easy! The “15-Minute FIT” self-guided tour will make you feel like an expert in 15 minutes or less. If you'd like more in-depth guidance or have specific questions, SAO offers personal training sessions to answer your questions and walk you through FIT. To learn more about personal training sessions, email