Rural County Sales and Use Tax For Public Facilities Report (fiscal year 2021) Now Online

Apr 12, 2023

Information the Office of the Washington State Auditor collects about rural counties' sales and use tax for fiscal year 2021 can be found in this Rural County and Sales Tax for Public Facilities Report – FY2021.

SAO collects this data using a Schedule 20, which summarizes how counties use these funds and demonstrate their compliance with state law. Counties submit their Schedule 20 with their annual report, which is due to the State Auditor's Office 150 days after the close of their fiscal year.

Our report includes information related to the expenditures of each project, along with an actual or estimated number of businesses and family wage jobs the project created, attracted, expanded or retained.

If you have questions or need more information, contact our Director of Legislative and Policy Affairs, Scott Nelson, via email.