Additional Accountability Audits Funded by Legislature

Mar 9, 2018

flashlightLarge state agencies will get more in-depth reviews and smaller agencies will get more frequent accountability audits thanks to a boost in funding included in the supplemental state budget approved Thursday.The Office of the Washington State Auditor requested an additional $700,000 to support accountability audit work, and the Legislature agreed. Accountability audits are a specific type of audit that evaluate whether there is reasonable assurance the state agency adhered to applicable federal or state laws, regulations and its own policies and procedures, in addition to accounting for public resources.

This is a win for Washington – we need the kind of oversight that accountability audits provide, and the Legislature supported that work,” said State Auditor Pat McCarthy. “I want to thank the members of both chambers and both parties who saw the value of our efforts.”

In the recent recession, funding for accountability audits was reduced by 87 percent, and that funding had not recovered in the years since. The supplemental appropriation will allow the office to provide about 8,000 more hours of auditing in the coming fiscal year.

The request is the first step in a five year plan to restore accountability audits to all state agencies at least every three to four years. You can read more about the budget request and accountability audits here.