Preparing your annual report package? Check out SAO’s updated cash basis checklist

Jan 19, 2022

Every year, we update the cash basis financial statement checklist so that you have the latest guidance as you prepare your government's annual report filing package. In addition to incorporating the most recent BARS changes, we also monitor audit results and make additional adjustments to help you check for common errors. You'll find our updated checklist here.

Here's a few items to note about this year's updated checklist:

  • We've added two new questions to help you identify and record transactions that third parties have executed on your behalf. This will help you with transactions related to the local loan program and any bond refunding.
  • We've clarified or added checklist questions for challenging reporting areas like other postemployment benefits, asset retirement obligations, and pollution liabilities.
  • We've added two new checklist questions to help you check the accuracy of fund balance classification categories.
  • We've also referenced an SAO resource that can help you identify common errors in your financial data. You can also check your data accuracy using SAO's Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT) after you file. If you find an error, you can unlock and correct your filing.

How to reach us for more assistance

Remember, SAO can help you. If you have specific technical accounting questions, submit them using our HelpDesk in the client portal.

We also have financial management specialists at SAO's Center for Government Innovation available to talk with you about best practices, resources, or internal controls. For assistance, reach out to us at