Protect your government's money with SAO's suite of cash receipting resources

Jul 14, 2022

Summer is here, and it's time for swimming, barbecuing and garage sales. If you have ever held a garage sale, you know that cash talks. Cash has the power to convince you to sell your worldly goods, but if you are not careful, it can also vanish into thin air. As auditors, we would say that if cash could really talk, it would tell you to protect it.

It's your money to make or lose at your garage sale, so you are free to make deals and take as many risks with your cash as you want. Although governments aren't holding garage sales, they are collecting the public's money and need to safeguard it every step of the way.

We know governments face challenges managing cash collections and striking just the right balance between internal controls and the costs of those controls. That's why SAO has published a variety of resources to help you put the proper safeguards in place. Get started today by downloading, printing or bookmarking the resources, trainings and articles below.


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