Medicaid Special Report 2021: A financial checkup for Washington’s Apple Health

Aug 5, 2021

State and federal governments invested more than $14.6 billion in Medicaid—known as Apple Health in Washington—during fiscal year 2020. With one in four Washingtonians enrolled, Medicaid is one of the most important services the state funds. As one of the state's major expenditures, accountability for Medicaid spending is critical. Legislators, agency leaders and the public need access to facts about Medicaid spending so the program can continue helping Washingtonians in need.

That's why we've created a special report explaining how SAO's Medicaid Task Force audits Medicaid spending. Click through the report below for a summary of previous audit findings, our suggestions for improving efficiency and accountability, and a look at what our 2021 audits will examine.

If you'd like a printed copy, the online format can easily be downloaded and printed. Click here for a PDF of this Medicaid Special Report 2021 that you can download and print.