FIT adds profiles to explore any of Washington’s 40-plus government types

Sep 10, 2020

Our Financial Intelligence Tool (FIT) has long offered a way for users to examine data on specific governments, government types, and specific revenue or expenditure streams. For the first time, FIT has a way to view all important information on a specific government type in one place, using new government-type profiles.

These new profile views for all government types show unique statewide data, including:

  • Filing statistics. See how many governments of a certain type have filed on time, late, or not at all.
  • Audit status. See how many audits have been conducted this year, how many are in process, and how many have yet to be started

Government-type profiles offer many of the same features that individual profiles have offered, including a map view to see where these governments are located, a way to explore revenues, expenditures, and trends in cash and investments.

Accessing government-type profiles

When viewing any specific government's profile in FIT, simply click on the “government type” link. This will take you to that government type's profile.

Let us know what you like about these new features!

If you're new to FIT or would like information on how to use FIT, check out our 15-Minute FIT tutorial. Keep your eye out for more tips, tutorials, and feature announcements about the next version of FIT.