Cybersecurity Special Report 2022: Keeping an independent eye on government IT security

Jan 27, 2022

Washington's state and local governments possess countless IT systems that provide critical government services and handle vital and sometimes very personal data. The public expects government to do all it can to ensure that these systems are secure so critical services can be delivered and data stored in those systems is not lost, stolen or damaged.

The State Auditor's Office plays a unique role in keeping an independent eye on government IT security. We work with state and local governments to help improve their cybersecurity programs through audits and outreach activities.

We've created a special report giving a short overview of our work and findings in the area of cybersecurity. It offers legislators, the public and government leaders information they need to help ensure our state's critical IT systems and data remain protected.

If you'd like a printed copy, the online format can easily be downloaded and printed. Click here for a PDF version of this Cybersecurity Special Report 2022 that you can download and print.