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A message from State Auditor Pat McCarthy: See yourself in cyber

Whether you work for a local government that provides frontline emergency services or an agency that handles sensitive information like personal or financial records, you have an important role in cybersecurity. ... CONTINUE READING

State Auditor’s Office releases first audits of police use of deadly force investigations

Today the Office of the Washington State Auditor released two first-of-their-kind audits related to law enforcement officers’ use of deadly force. The reports compare the investigations of such incidents to state rules and professional best practices. ... CONTINUE READING

Director Armijo honored with Award of Excellence from Washington Finance Officers Association 

Sadie Armijo, the Office of the Washington State Auditor’s Director of State Audit and Special Investigations, received the 2022 Award of Excellence from the Washington Finance Officers Association (WFOA).  ... CONTINUE READING

New audit reports find Mason County Fire District officials misappropriated public funds, did not comply with state laws

Today the Office of the Washington State Auditor released a fraud report and audit of Mason County Fire District No. 12, showing almost $70,000 in misappropriated public funds, as well as $95,000 in unsupported expenses. ... CONTINUE READING

SAO’s updated guide can help you implement new accounting standards

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) releases new accounting standards nearly every year, and local governments have to evaluate and implement them. While each standard is different, the best practices for implementation are the same. That’s why we’ve updated our Best Practices for Implementing Accounting Standards to guide you through the process. ... CONTINUE READING

Reconnecting with our partners in accountability at WFOA 2022

Hello, WFOA 2022! The State Auditor’s Office is excited to be reconnecting with our partners in government accountability at the first in-person WFOA annual conference in three years. We’re bringing our ‘A’ (audit) game this year with four pre-conference trainings and 13 sessions. ... CONTINUE READING

Director Collins named Outstanding Leader by Washington Society of CPAs 

SAO’s Director of Local Audit Kelly Collins, a 30-year SAO employee and certified public accountant, was recently named a 2021-2022 Outstanding Leader by the Washington Society of CPAs.  ... CONTINUE READING

Reporting a known or suspected loss to SAO? Be ready for a few new questions

When your government becomes aware of a known or suspected loss of public funds, state law requires that you immediately report it to the State Auditor’s Office. If you’ve reported a loss in the past and are coming back to report something new, you may notice some new questions on the reporting form. ... CONTINUE READING

Join SAO and your colleagues in person at the 2022 WFOA Conference

For the first time in three years, the annual Washington Finance Officers Association conference will be live and in person Tuesday, Sept. 13 through Friday, Sept. 16 at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. You can rest assured SAO will be bringing its ‘A’(udit) game with a variety of informative presentations. ... CONTINUE READING

New performance audit finds reduction in test sites, long delays are barriers for prospective home care aides

The Office of the Washington State Auditor’s new performance audit – I-1163: Addressing testing barriers for home care aides – found that home care aides face several barriers to becoming certified, including access to fewer tests sites and long testing delays. ... CONTINUE READING