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From intern to manager: One SAO employee’s career path shows support for growth

Haji Adams started as a paid intern at SAO while attending college and has been with us ever since. Now an Audit Manager, his career path illustrates the support and mentorship in place that helps SAO employees succeed. ... CONTINUE READING

Sharing your federal money with other agencies? Learn what you can do today

Passing along federal money to others doesn’t relieve you of grant compliance requirements—it adds to your responsibilities because you must monitor your subrecipients. This SAO blog post poses four questions to help guide your monitoring process when subawarding federal funds. ... CONTINUE READING

Aftermath of fraud: What happens after SAO publishes its fraud report?

To help you plan for the aftermath of a fraud investigation, SAO's Special Investigations Team has outlined what governments can expect after we’ve published our report. ... CONTINUE READING

Lights, camera, fraud! Our list of movies and more will help you see fraud from all angles

Grab your popcorn and settle in. Back by popular demand, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite documentaries, movies, shows and podcasts that provide great insight into real-life fraud schemes and scandals. ... CONTINUE READING

Bank statement review is a top-notch fraud-fighting tool. Here’s how to do it

Many fraud schemes show themselves—boldly or subtly—on the bank statements. If you aren’t sure what to look for in a bank statement, don’t worry! The State Auditor's Office has made a five-part playbook for you to follow. ... CONTINUE READING

Expect the unexpected: SAO releases new guide on protecting unanticipated revenue from fraud

SAO’s has developed a guide to help local governments protect their unanticipated revenues. This resource has best practices and other tips to help you evaluate your internal controls around unanticipated revenue, and how to improve them. ... CONTINUE READING

Not sure how to report a loss? SAO’s updated policy has the answers

State law requires Washington's governments to immediately report known or suspected losses to SAO. We've updated our loss reporting policy with additional information and clarifications to help governments determine what they need to report. ... CONTINUE READING

Preview: Here's what SAO has in store for the 2023 International Fraud Awareness Week

It just wouldn’t be fall without International Fraud Awareness Week, which is why we’re proud to participate again this year! We invite you to connect with us daily on our social media—and our blog—as we pass along helpful tips, tools and ways to help local governments detect, deter and prevent fraud. ... CONTINUE READING

Pandemic-era innovations in K-12 education identified by new performance audit

SAO has released a performance audit that crafted a list of nontraditional teaching methods adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic that might be useful for educators across the state, and also considered how schools might benefit from incorporating similar practices. ... CONTINUE READING

New to government? Our resources for newly elected officials offer some great guidance

Elected officials and members of appointed boards have a lot of responsibility when it comes to understanding their government’s operations. There's a lot to know, and we've put together a list of some key resources to help. ... CONTINUE READING