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After significant fraud, follow-up audit of Pierce County Housing Authority finds improvement, but issues remain

The Pierce County Housing Authority has taken steps to improve its financial safeguards since a $7 million misappropriation two years ago, but more needs to be done, according to an accountability audit released today by the Office of the Washington State Auditor. ... CONTINUE READING

BARS Manual updates starting Dec. 12

The State Auditor’s Office will start the annual process of updating the BARS Manuals (GAAP and Cash) on Monday, Dec. 12, 2022. ... CONTINUE READING

Audit finds Toppenish School District did not have proper oversight of its expenditures, Superintendent’s pay

Today the Office of the Washington State Auditor released a regular accountability audit of the Toppenish School District, identifying multiple areas of concern related to the Superintendent and wrestling activities. ... CONTINUE READING

Does your government use electronic disbursements? SAO offers tips and resources for evaluating your cyber fraud risks

The disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in increased dependence on technology and electronic payment networks. This shift has created new opportunities for bad actors to steal public resources and assets from your government. ... CONTINUE READING

Fraud features: A list of movies, television series and podcasts to help you see fraud from all angles

While we may never be true experts in all aspects of fraud, we can work to better understand it. That’s why to round out the 2022 International Fraud Awareness Week, the Office of the Washington State Auditor has put together a list of our favorite movies, documentaries, shows and podcasts to help you understand the many complex sides and angles of fraud.  ... CONTINUE READING

Strategies for identifying and combatting time theft in remote work environments

The COVID-19 pandemic required governments and other organizations to adjust their operating structure to a remote environment. For many, this structure became the new norm, and governments continue to operate remotely or in hybrid formats. ... CONTINUE READING

What’s new with SAO’s fraud program

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) recently reported that nearly a third of all fraud cases occur because of a lack of internal controls. When your government has anti-fraud controls in place, you not only increase your ability to detect fraud quicker, but also decrease potential losses resulting from fraud.   ... CONTINUE READING

Better use of data, accountability in homelessness efforts, audit recommends

Local governments should be more data-driven and focused on results when addressing homelessness, according to a new performance audit by the Office of the Washington State Auditor. ... CONTINUE READING

Setting the tone at the top: SAO’s new fraud-prevention resource for elected officials and members of appointed boards

While preventing employee fraud is an organization-wide effort in your government, creating a fraud-prevention culture starts at the top with elected officials and members of appointed boards. That’s why SAO’s Special Investigations Team has developed a guide for these leaders to help them better understand their role in fighting employee fraud in their governments. ... CONTINUE READING

A sneak peek at what SAO has in store for International Fraud Awareness Week 

While SAO is always promoting awareness around preventing, detecting and deterring fraud, we’re ramping up our efforts next week in honor of International Fraud Awareness Week, which kicks of Nov. 13. Here's a sneak peek of what we have in store. ... CONTINUE READING