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Preparing your annual report package? Check out our updated cash-basis checklist

The State Auditor's Office has released its updated Checklist for Preparing and Reviewing Cash-Basis Financial Statements. It includes new sections and questions for the most significant changes for cash-basis governments' 2023 financial reporting. ... CONTINUE READING

Annual report: The Office of the Washington State Auditor’s window into public spending during 2023

The State Auditor’s Office invites you to scroll through an interactive report of our activities during fiscal year 2023. ... CONTINUE READING

Audit timeliness is a team effort post-pandemic

In this blog post, the Office of the Washington State Auditor explains how the increased number and size of federal grants to be audited has affected local governments’ federal single audits. ... CONTINUE READING

Preserving drinkable water supplies requires updating state’s water efficiency efforts, performance audit finds

This performance audit from the State Auditor’s Office found the Department of Health could help water suppliers minimize the loss of drinkable water by managing supplier data and using industry leading practices. ... CONTINUE READING

Use of deadly force investigation audits: Themes from the first year

This report from the State Auditor's Office summarizes common areas of noncompliance in use of deadly force investigation audits, and makes recommendations to improve compliance to investigation teams, involved police departments, and the state Criminal Justice Training Commission. ... CONTINUE READING

Federal single audit issues involving wage rate requirements are on the rise; here's what you need to know

This SAO blog post outlines some key aspects of state and federal wage rate requirements, including details on contract clauses and collecting certified payrolls. ... CONTINUE READING

Only a quarter of Washington’s Medicaid-enrolled children are tested for lead, audit finds

This performance audit from the State Auditor's Office found only 26 percent of the more than 240,000 Medicaid-eligible children had been tested for lead exposure, and that most children with the highest risk have never been tested. ... CONTINUE READING

From intern to manager: One SAO employee’s career path shows support for growth

Haji Adams started as a paid intern at SAO while attending college and has been with us ever since. Now an Audit Manager, his career path illustrates the support and mentorship in place that helps SAO employees succeed. ... CONTINUE READING

Sharing your federal money with other agencies? Learn what you can do today

Passing along federal money to others doesn’t relieve you of grant compliance requirements—it adds to your responsibilities because you must monitor your subrecipients. This SAO blog post poses four questions to help guide your monitoring process when subawarding federal funds. ... CONTINUE READING

Aftermath of fraud: What happens after SAO publishes its fraud report?

To help you plan for the aftermath of a fraud investigation, SAO's Special Investigations Team has outlined what governments can expect after we’ve published our report. ... CONTINUE READING