BARS Account Exports

Significant Changes to BARS Account Exports

BARS Account Export

335.02.34 New Code - This code is for distributions from the DNR Timber Trust 1 or Timber Trust 77

BARS Account Export

335.02.35 New Code - This code is for distributions from the DNR Other Trust 1 or Other Trust 77

BARS Account Export

Retired code

BARS Account Export

341.48 - Motor Vehicle License Fees - Changed to County only

BARS Account Export

524.60 - Enforcement of Codes and Regulation updated description with examples

BARS Account Export

367- Contributions and Donations from Nongovernmental Sources - Added information about Tax Increment Areas

BARS Account Export

337.00 - Local Grants Entitlements, Tribal Government Distributions, and Other Payments - Added tribal governments

BARS Account Exports
In this section, governments can access a report providing information on the allowability of BARS codes in fund types as well as export a chart of accounts specific to a government type.

BARS Codes to Fund Type
BARS codes may be restricted for use in the annual report filing system. The following matrix “Codes to Funds” identifies which fund group(s) that each active BARS code may be reported in.

Download FY2022 Codes to Funds here. Codes are as of November 30, 2022.

Note: It is recommended to use this matrix in conjunction with the government specific BARS Account Export provided below.

BARS Account Export
Download a government specific BARS Chart of Accounts in the export box at the bottom of this page.

Your annual report requires seven digits for all account codes however, their display in the chart of accounts export varies. The expenditure or expense accounts are presented in the export without object codes. Object codes will need to be added to the BARS Code to complete the required seven digits for the annual report. Additional details about object codes are available in the BARS Manual 1.4. The reporting at the subobject level is not required.

How to use the BARS Account Export

Select a government type
The government type selection will limit the BARS accounts that are applicable to the selected government type. If all is selected, the export will include BARS accounts for all government types.

Select basis of accounting
The basis of accounting selection will limit the BARS accounts that are applicable to the basis of accounting selected (GAAP or Cash). If all is selected, the export will include all the BARS codes regardless of their applicability to a specific basis.

Select export type
The Excel option provides a spreadsheet which you can format.
The PDF is formatted to highlight the different categories of account codes and for printing. For display purposes, the account codes contain decimal points which should be excluded in your annual report.

Select a reporting level
Above and Prescribed option includes all the accounts, including the accounts in which other codes are rolled up into for category presentation. These above prescribed codes are not valid for reporting, however they provide detailed information on the category of the codes. This listing also provides the Prescribed accounts, which are the required accounts for annual report filing.
The Prescribed option includes only the accounts which are the valid BARS account codes for annual report filing.